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The experienced team of licensed electricians at Asbury Electric is committed to providing outstanding customer service, no matter how big or small the job may be. We are full-service electrical specialists ready to service and repair lighting, repair or install a pool electrical system, find and repair electrical problems, replace switches and outlets, and replace or repair circuits that you count on daily.

One call to Asbury Electric is all that is needed to solve all of your electrical repairs. We serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a weekOur trained and experienced electricians will identify and repair electrical problems so your home electric works reliably and safely.

Your Local Repair Electrician

Whether we’re installing wiring for a new electric car charger or making emergency repairs, we have worked hard to earn our customers’ trust.

Even a simple problem could be dangerous. Whatever kind of electrical problem you have, rely on our team to resolve it. Our skilled, licensed, and experienced electricians will quickly diagnose the source of the electrical issue and work fast to permanently fix it, always keeping safety in mind.

Your safety is always our top concern. When you call Asbury Electric, you can expect one of our professional, courteous electricians to arrive at your home as soon as possible, diagnose the problem quickly, and give you a fair and honest estimate with options before making repairs. 

For repairs that are not emergencies, our technicians give you a price down to the penny of how much it will cost to find and fix the issue. We are here to help you make a reasonable, practical plan for your electrical needs. We believe you’ll be satisfied, but if for any reason you’re not, we’ll make it right. That’s our promise.

Lighting Repair and Fixtures

We offer general electrical repairs at Asbury Electric. A repair can take many forms, from fixing a faulty connection to a more complex job like repairing a generator.

Some of the most common repair jobs we perform include:

  • Repairing can lights or recessed lights
  • Repairing or installing ceiling fans
  • Mitigating power surges
  • Repairing security and landscape lighting
  • Fixing circuit boards
  • Remediating faulty wiring
  • Diagnosing electrical failures
  • Repairing or replacing electrical panels and fuse boxes

Whatever your lighting or electrical repair needs may be, the team at Asbury Electric can help. We’ll ensure your electrical systems function correctly and safely. We can also upgrade outdated or broken components to keep your electrical running as it should.

Six Signs You May Need Electrical Repairs

Your home includes a complex electrical system. The complexity of this system means most electrical issues require the expertise of a professional electrician. Some safety standards even require licensed electricians to deal with particular issues.

Why take the chance? For your safety and the safety of your property, call Asbury Electric. Our electricians have experience in all types of electrical repairs and maintenance.

Our electricians catch minor and easily overlooked signs of trouble. We detect minor issues to prevent major electrical problems in the future. By addressing these problems as soon as possible, we prevent unsafe conditions or high repair costs. 

It is time to call a professional if you are experiencing any of the following electrical problems.

Flickering Lights

When lights flicker or dim unexpectedly, it can be a sign of improper installation. Mistakes like packing the insulation around the fixture too tightly or not making the right connections can trap heat around the fixture, causing it to malfunction. Incorrectly installed lighting fixtures can cause short-circuiting, sparks, and even fire. Faulty electrical wiring can also contribute to flickering lights.

Blown Fuses

Replacing a blown fuse is simple, but discovering why the fuse blew in the first place requires the knowledge of an experienced electrician.  If fuses frequently blow inside your electrical panel, call Asbury Electric. We will determine the cause and advise you on repair procedures.

Water Damage

Flooding and leaking pipes can cause extensive damage to a home and significantly impact the electrical system. If your house has suffered water damage for any reason, you may need electrical repairs. We can also inspect water stains on the ceiling or walls.

Broken or Loose Outlets

You may not realize it’s a red flag, but there should never be wiggling when you plug and unplug it from an outlet. Loose wiring inside an outlet is a sign of incorrect installation, and you should seek outlet repair immediately.

Hot or sparking outlets, faulty connections, and shorts are nothing to fool around with. These signals indicate issues that could lead to electrical fires, which can spread quickly throughout your house. Turn to us for repairs as soon as you notice a problem.

We may find the source of your problem right at the outlet and repair it in less than an hour. You’ll rest easy at night knowing your home and family are safe. In some instances, the electrical problem may be more serious. If that’s the case, we’ll diagnose it, give you a fair estimate for fixing it, and move as quickly as possible to make high-quality repairs.

Buzzing Sounds

No, it’s not normal for light fixtures or outlets to make a buzzing noise. Buzzing signals a dangerous connection, which can lead to sparking, melting wires, or a fire. Our qualified electricians can inspect any buzzing noises inside your home.

Malfunctioning Appliances

If the major appliances in your home aren’t functioning correctly, the problem may be electrical and not with the appliance itself. Before buying that new appliance, ensure your electrical system is working correctly.

When Do You Need a 24-Hour Electrician?

Electrical emergencies can be frightening, and some can even be dangerous. Asbury Electric provides 24-hour services so we can make any emergency repairs necessary to keep your home safe and running efficiently. 

While providing electrical services, we prioritize your safety. Electrical issues often cause dangerous situations. Our team of professionals will repair these problems correctly. We offer efficient repairs and fair prices.

Keep in mind that if your appliances or light fixtures malfunction, the problem might be with your electrical system. If you’ve had any water damage, you should have someone take a look at your electrical system to make sure it is still in proper working order.

Call us if you’re experiencing any of the following issues:

  • Power surges
  • Live wires
  • Appliance malfunctions
  • Sparks or heat from any outlet or fixture
  • Light fixtures not working
  • Sockets or circuits overloaded
  • Faulty connections 
  • Smoking, heat, or buzzing coming from your electrical panel

Whatever your problem may be, our team will visit your site, ready to help make things right.

Best Electricians Near You

When you seek home electrical repair services, trust Asbury Electric to fix any issue. Our local team of licensed electricians cares for your safety while protecting your property. Here are a few other benefits we provide to homeowners:

  • Speed: We arrive at your home on time with the necessary equipment to perform repairs and get your electrical functioning as it should. 
  • Affordability: Our upfront pricing means you’ll know what you pay before the service begins. 
  • Memberships: We offer community memberships that help you save on electrical services and give annual maintenance. 
  • Service: Our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau demonstrates our commitment to excellent customer service.
  • Financing: We partner with financial institutions to finance your home electrical repairs or projects. 
  • Trustworthiness: Our team members have professional training and undergo background and drug testing for your peace of mind.

Reach out for Electrical Repair and Services

At Asbury Electric, we can diagnose your electrical problems quickly and make the necessary repairs at a competitive price. We fix problems while they’re small to save you from dangerous or expensive electrical issues. Our electrical repair services span the following areas:

To request electric repair services, complete our form online.

We promise we’ll always work for you, not the other way around. You’ll be 100% satisfied with a job well done, or we’ll make it right. It’s really that simple.

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