Whole-Home Surge Protection in Gloucester, Virginia

Surge protectors play an important role in protecting sensitive electronics and appliances from sudden bursts of excess voltage. You likely already have some in the form of power bars, although not all power bars offer surge protection.

Instead of targeting just a few electronics in your home, you can get whole-home surge protection here in Gloucester, VA, with some help from Asbury Electric. Our team can install a whole-house surge protector in your home that will offer superior protection.

Why Choose Whole-Home Surge Protection?

The principle behind whole-home surge protection is simple enough. Your home’s electrical system is always a potential target for electrical surges. You might imagine that lightning is the main concern here, but your own appliances actually cause most surges.

Major appliances like your air conditioner, electric boiler, refrigerator, or electric stove, can draw a lot of power. When they shut down during their cycles, the sudden drop in power demand can cause issues with other appliances and electronics connected to your home’s electrical system.

Surges can affect anything electrical in your home. The most susceptible items are likely to be among the most expensive, with computers, televisions, and other high-tech electronics more likely to sustain damage.

Whole-home surge protection is the way to go if you want to protect the electronics and appliances in your home. Without this protection, you could find yourself dealing with fried circuit boards and damaged devices shortly.

How Does This Type Of Surge Protection Work?

When you search the web to find an “electrician near me” for a whole-home surge protector, they’ll schedule a visit to install the protector to your home’s electrical system. The surge protector is hard-wired to the system at your electrical panel, making it a permanent fixture in your home.

The surge protector takes advantage of the basic way electricity operates. The current running through your home is always trying to follow the path of least resistance. Higher voltages give the electricity more options, which is why surges can damage electronics by forcing current to flow where it shouldn’t.

The whole-house surge protector provides a path for electricity directly to the ground that it can only take at very high voltages. That means when a surge breaches that voltage level, the electricity is harmlessly dispersed into the ground instead of destructively distributed through your home’s electrical system.

Installing a Whole-House Surge Protector in Your Home

Installing whole-home surge protection is a complicated job that’s best left to professionals. When you choose to go with the team at Asbury Electric, we’ll be working on your electrical panel to install the surge protector.

Anyone without professional electrical experience would be putting themselves at risk handling this kind of work, so it’s best if you leave it to our expert electricians.

We’ll also ensure that you’re getting the right whole-home surge protection to meet your unique needs. These systems come in a variety of capacities, measured in amps. Generally, most homes will want protection for at least 40,000-amp surges.

There are also a variety of additional features available. Most whole-home surge protectors incorporate a fuse that needs to be replaced after major surges. They’re available with alarms and indicator lights to let you know when the protector has blocked a major surge and inform you that it’s time to replace the fuse.

In addition to delivering the capacity and features you need, Asbury Electric makes sure that you’re getting a reliable and safe installation. We only install surge protectors that meet the standards set by the Underwriters Laboratories, an independent group that verifies safety in electrical devices.

Whole-Home Surge Protection in Gloucester, VA

Your new whole-home surge protection is meant to keep you and your family safe. As with any electrical installation, safety comes down to choosing licensed electricians with the knowledge, tools, and experience to get the job done right. At Asbury Electric, that’s exactly what you will find.

You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your whole-house surge protector has been installed by trusted professionals who have taken the time and care to make sure your new installation has the capacity, features, and safety you need.

At Asbury Electric, we provide professional electrical services for our valued customers in Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, and Gloucester, VA. Our team delivers top customer services and can handle your next installation quickly and carefully. 

If you’re interested in a whole-home surge protector or any other safety upgrades for your home’s electrical system, you can call Asbury Electric today. Our expert installers are waiting for your call. 

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