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Every day we enjoy well-lit rooms, comfortable temperatures inside our home, warm water, and the convenience of our electronics. None of these comforts would be available to us without our electrical system. Electricity is important, but it can also pose a danger if electrical systems are not properly cared for. At Asbury Electric, we understand the importance of high-caliber installations and repairs that keep your electrical system safe. Our electricians are highly trained and have all of the skills they need to perform every job with excellence. We offer repairs, installations, upgrades, emergency services, and generator sales and services in the West Point area.

Electrical Repair Services

Electricity should always be working behind the scenes to make daily life more convenient. When an electrical system is in perfect shape, you probably won’t even notice that it is there. However, when something starts to go wrong, it will probably begin to call more attention to itself. Any part of your system can begin to have problems from your electrical panel wiring to your outlets. 

A system that needs electrical repairs may begin to make sounds such as crackling, sizzling, or popping, or it may accost your nose with the smell of burning plastic or hot wires. You may see yellow sparks when plugging in an appliance, or your circuit breakers may be tripping regularly. You may even find that outlets or lights in your home have stopped working. 

Electrical problems should always be dealt with quickly. Even small imperfections in your wiring can cause overheating which can result in a fire, and an unresolved problem could put everyone at risk of electrical shock. If you have already tried basic solutions such as checking your panel for tripped breakers or changing light bulbs and the problem persists, don’t wait! Call Asbury Electric right away. We are always here to answer questions, or to give you an estimate of the cost to replace an electrical panel. 

Installations and Upgrades

Even if your home’s electrical system is still in good condition, it may not be working for you. In most families, electrical needs change over time as technology advances making even the most perfectly installed systems obsolete over time. Upgrading your electricity or installing new features can help your home to better fit your needs.

One of the most important upgrades to consider is fuse box replacement. In the 1950s, a 30-amp fuse box was sufficient for the home’s electrical usage, but circuit breakers with 100 amps or more have taken their place in the industry. If you still have a fuse box, it may be time for a circuit breaker installation through Asbury Electric. 

Even if you don’t need to replace an electric panel, there are other smaller improvements which can increase your enjoyment of your house. We offer a ceiling fan and light fixture installation, modern outlet installations, lighting control, smoke detector installation, and much more in the West Point area.  

24-Hour Emergency Services

While maintaining your electrical system and quickly repairing problems can help to prevent any major issues, it can be difficult to predict an emergency electrical problem. Some electrical problems can come out of nowhere and can threaten the safety of your family. When this happens, we always have an emergency electrician available to help you as soon as you call. 

Smoke, flames, or power outages that are not a result of external factors are all reasons to call our 24-hour electrician. It is important to know what to do in an electrical emergency. Never try to put out an electrical fire with water. You can use a fire extinguisher and turn off the main power on your breaker if everyone is safe, but make sure your priority is to get everyone out safely. Your first call should be to 911, followed by a call to Asbury Electric. When you call us, we can make sure your system is safe before anyone reenters the building.

Generator Sales and Services

Power outages can occur in West Point as a result of power line maintenance, heavy storms, or accidents that have damaged a power line. While none of these things are under your control, you do have the ability to keep your home or business running by purchasing a generator. A whole-home generator installed by licensed electricians will work the moment there is a power outage and can keep all of your important appliances running until power is restored to your area. 

Once your generator has been installed, it is up to you to schedule regular generator repair and maintenance to ensure that it is always ready for an emergency. We help our West Point customers choose reliable generators, and we offer installation, repair, and maintenance services to keep them in perfect condition. 

West Point’s Preferred Electricians – Trust Asbury Electric!

Our business is built on passion and a commitment to excellence. We offer same-day service, always have fair and up-front prices, and we stand behind everything we do with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. For electrical services that you can trust, call Asbury Electric today. Alternatively, send us a message! We look forward to serving you.

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