Electrical Panel Repair Services in Gloucester, Virginia

Electrical problems around your home can often be traced back to one source: The electrical panel. Your home’s electrical panel is where the utility wires deliver electricity for distribution to the circuits spread throughout the house. Because all electricity flows through the panel, you may see all sorts of problems with appliances and devices if your panel is faulty.

At Asbury Electric, our team of experienced electricians can provide our customers with quick, quality electrical panel repair.

How an Electrical Panel Works 

You’ll find an electrical panel in every home or building. The central panel or cabinet is where all electricity that comes to a home or structure flows through. The power comes into the panel from your electric company via three large wires. From there, the panel is responsible for distributing that power to the various branch circuits, where it eventually makes it to your home’s outlets and into your appliances, devices, and more.

What Can Go Wrong? 

Because electricity can be so dangerous, there are pieces and components in an electrical panel design to fail. These pieces are the fuses and circuit breakers. By failing, these pieces help to protect your home from electrical fires or even shock. Fortunately, because these pieces are designed to fail, they are also intended to be easily fixable and replaceable by a professional. 

Signs You Need Electrical Panel Repair 

Knowing when you need electrical panel repair is not always easy. It is always better to call a professional than to attempt any kind of electrical inspection or repair. However, there are a few signs homeowners can safely check for. 

If an appliance or light in your home will not turn on, try switching on another light or machine on the same circuit. Typically, this means switching on another light or appliance in the same room or area. If that second light or device will also not turn on, your circuit breaker likely tripped, or you blew a fuse (if your house has a fuse box).

If a circuit breaker in the panel keeps tripping for no logical reason, that circuit breaker may need to be replaced by a professional.

Electrical Panel Repair Services from Asbury Electric 

At Asbury Electric, our team of electricians offers many electrical panel repair services. Below are some of the most popular services we provide.

Resetting a Tripped Circuit Breaker 

When resetting a tripped circuit breaker, our electricians will inspect the handle of each circuit breaker and identify which one has been tripped. From there, they will check the circuit index on the panel to determine what that particular circuit controls. 

Everything in that circuit controls should be powered off or unplugged. They will then reset the circuit breaker. If it trips immediately, with your permission, they can inspect further and repair what is most likely a wiring issue. If it doesn’t trip immediately, we do recommend further testing so you can understand why it tripped and make an educated decision on whether or not something should be done to correct the tripping issue.

Replacing a Screw-in Fuse

Blowing a fuse is a common occurrence in homes that have fuse boxes. However, our team of professionals can help identify what blew that fuse. The strip inside may be damaged or broken completely, which could mean that the circuit was overloaded. Our electricians can replace the problematic screw-in fuse and help identify the cause of the issue.

Replacing a Cartridge Fuse 

Replacing a cartridge fuse is much easier than a screw-in fuse. However, a professional electrician can help homeowners identify the issue behind why the fuse needed to be replaced at all.

Testing a Circuit Breaker

An electrician will test a circuit breaker when more complicated or unexplained issues with an electrical service panel occur. Testing a circuit breaker involves a multimeter and experience. At Asbury Electric, our electricians can test circuit breakers and diagnose and repair any issues they find.

Electrical service panels are complex. Though some tasks like replacing a fuse may appear easy, it is always best to contact a professional. One mistake can be extremely hazardous to your health and your home.

Electrician Near Me? Asbury Electric 

The electrical panel is the brains of your home’s energy. It receives and guides power where it is needed. When issues with your electrical panel occur, it can cause problems throughout your house. These problems can be inconvenient and even dangerous. For that reason, it is always a better, safer option to contact a professional electrician for electrical panel repair. 

At Asbury Electric, our team of professional electricians can provide quick, quality electrical panel repair at competitive prices. In doing so, we can keep your home’s lights, outlets, appliances, devices, and more running properly.    

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