Electricians in Hampton, Virginia

Asbury Electric is proud to serve the Hampton, VA area in both residential and commercial settings, specializing in professional, quality work, and maximum customer satisfaction.

Whether you live in or around the Hampton, VA area, know that our team of local, professionally trained electricians takes the utmost pride in being able to offer you a wide range of electrical services, including electrical repairs and installations.

We put safety above all else, ensuring that our electrical work can protect our valued customers. We don’t consider our job done until you’re served properly, and left 100% satisfied with a properly executed service.

Local, Professional Electricians Near Hampton Roads

We offer a variety of services to fill different electrical needs, from installing circuit breakers to adjusting your writing for ceiling fan installation. Regardless of the specific situation, our work revolves around solving problems and meeting customer expectations. A high standard of excellence and a good reserve of licensed electricians in Hampton ensures that any problem a property owner may face can be solved quickly and efficiently.

Why Go with the Professionals?

Your home’s electrical system isn’t something to take lightly. You rely on it every day, and handling it improperly can be dangerous. Trying to make electrical repairs on your own might lead to electrocution or fire. Even if everything seems fine, mistakes could cause fires months or even years later. 

Instead of taking a risk with a DIY project, reach out to the licensed, trustworthy electricians at Asbury Electric to get the job done right the first time. We’re ready to help.

Full-Service Repairs

Whether you live at home or run a business, electrical repairs are difficult. Doing a great job with even basic electrical work can take a lot of time and effort – and we make sure that the Hampton, VA area can be covered. Regardless of how severe the situation is, proper repairs are always available, and every technician makes it their business to give you the best results possible.

24 Hour Emergency Services

We feel that it is important for everybody in the Hampton VA 23666 area to have access to an emergency electrician if they need one, whether they need a simple fuse box replacement or full-scale generator repair to keep their home running. If you notice signs of an electrical emergency, such as excessively hot outlets, contact us, and our office staff can send you an emergency electrician on a very quick schedule.

When dealing with electrical fires, always put your safety first: before you call a business to get a professional emergency electrician, get to safety, and contact regular emergency services before any electrical services. If you can shut off your power, do so, but never use water on the fire. By the time our pro contractor leaves, you can feel reassured that your system has been made safe again.

Electrical Installation and Upgrades

While some buildings in the Hampton VA 23666 zip code are older in design, they can easily be upgraded by our amazing Hampton electricians to give you a full fresh start: electrical water heater installation, generator repair, and replacement, fuse box replacement, electrical panel wiring and so much more. If you are remodeling your home or turning old buildings into brand new rental properties, we can give you every service you need to turn even the oldest home into something modern and new.

All of our work is meant to either meet or exceed the standards that have been put forward by local Hampton building codes, and every service call handled by one of our technicians is one that should live up to the standards of any professionals. If you notice something wrong with the work we have done, communication is key – our licensed electricians have enough experience to fix even the biggest mistakes.

Professional Lighting Installation Near Hampton Roads

Our professional lighting installations and electrical repairs are just what you need to maintain the best possible indoor and outdoor lighting for your home. The experienced team at Asbury Electric can help you make the perfect choice for any of your lighting needs, delivering both style and function.

We have an extensive range of landscape lighting options to overhaul your outdoor spaces. Give your home stunning curb appeal and make your patio, deck, or garden into a welcome spot for late-night entertaining.

If you’re looking to update your home’s interior, we have the widest selection of modern lighting fixtures. Our kitchen lighting options can add style to the room while also illuminating your cooking and food prep areas. We also install under-cabinet lighting to make the best use of every inch of counter space.

We have lighting options for any room in your home. Enjoy the clean look of recessed lighting or cool off a living area with a new ceiling fan installation. No matter what your specific lighting needs are, Asbury Electric has the experience and the knowledge to do the job right.

Our extensive electrical repair services cover all kinds of lighting. We can repair or replace existing fixtures and even replace the light ballasts around any fluorescent lighting in your home or garage. 

Whether it’s time for a change or you need help with existing fixtures, you can count on Asbury Electric for lighting in Hampton, VA.

Generator Sales and Generator Repair

Generators can be more useful than you may think in the Hampton VA area and having to go all the way to Virginia Beach or Newport News to pick up a replacement when disaster strikes are never helpful. To save you from taking a long trip down Hampton Roads, we offer a full whole-home generator repair service.

Not only that, but our customer service team is happy to sell you a generator if needed, too. A whole-home generator can be difficult to track down, but any appointment or meeting you arrange will be one to help you get the perfect generator. It isn’t about the business – it is about getting every customer what they need.

The Latest Safety Features for Your Home’s Electrical System

Keeping your home safe is one of your top priorities, and that makes providing effective safety upgrades and electrical repairs one of ours. We provide a variety of home improvements that can make your electrical system safer and more reliable.

We can install GFCI outlets in your bathroom or kitchen to protect against ground faults. These safer outlets are already required by code in new construction, and upgrading your current outlets is one of the best choices you can make.

Asbury Electric also provides electrical panel upgrades to ensure the continued safety of your home’s electrical system. We can perform an electrical panel inspection to find out whether your panel lacks modern safety features or isn’t up to the task of meeting your current electrical demand.

We carry out electrical inspections for your home’s entire electrical system as well. These inspections are good for homes that are 20 years old or more, about to have a remodel, getting a new large appliance, or facing issues like frequently tripping breakers.

If something is wrong with your home’s electrical system, we provide comprehensive rewiring services. We can replace outdated wiring that could pose a fire risk to your home, along with any damaged wiring. In many cases, wiring issues are due to amateur installation or repairs, and we can set those problems right as well.

Professional Upgrades for Your Home’s Electrical System

The experienced team at Asbury Electric can deliver numerous upgrades and new installations to improve the functionality of your home’s electrical system. We have the latest outlets and switches, whether you’re looking for smart outlets or LED-compatible dimmer switches.

We also carry out electrical panel upgrades to ensure that your home has the capacity for new installations. That includes upgrading older panels to today’s safety standards. For even more protection, we can install whole-home surge protection that will shield your electrical system from lightning and other grid surges.

If you have an electric vehicle, you can also benefit from a professional EV charger installation. These dedicated charging stations are many times faster than trying to charge a vehicle through a standard outlet. They can charge your auto overnight, making it possible to drive it every day.

Electrical Packages for Pools

A backyard pool is a fun way to relax and unwind, but there’s a lot that goes into installing a pool correctly for safe, long-lasting enjoyment. Asbury Electric provides electrical packages that cover all of the electrical work required for your brand new pool.

It’s particularly important to get electrical work just right when it involves water. The trusted electricians at Asbury Electric can make sure your pool is safe and passes inspection.

A new pool installation requires a sub-panel — a smaller electrical panel that supplies power to the pool’s water pump, lighting, and heating. Our team can install and wire your new sub-panel properly so you don’t have to worry about faulty connections. We also carry out pool bonding, which is important for grounding the pool.

When you’re looking to step into the future with an electric vehicle (EV) or simply need a new circuit installed in your Hampton, VA home, Asbury Electric is the name you can trust. For professional EV Charger Installation and New Circuit Installation, call us now at (757) 768-7147.

Our Services

EV Charger Installation

Electric vehicles are gaining traction, and having a home charging station is essential for convenience. Whether you’ve recently purchased an electric vehicle or are planning to, our team can efficiently install various types of EV chargers, including:

  • Level 1 Chargers
  • Level 2 Chargers
  • Tesla Wall Charger Installation
Tesla Wall Charger Installation

For Tesla owners, we offer specialized Tesla Wall Charger installations that are compatible with your vehicle. Our team understands the unique requirements of Tesla charging stations and will ensure that your charger is installed to meet Tesla’s safety and functional standards.

New Circuit Installation

Sometimes, your electrical system may need a boost, especially when adding high-power appliances or expanding your living space. Our qualified electricians can safely install new circuits to handle the increased electrical load, so you don’t have to worry about overloading your current system.

What Sets Us Apart?

Qualified Professionals

Our team of electricians is highly trained, licensed, and experienced in handling all types of installations. From your first consultation to the completed project, you’re in capable hands.

Quality Products

We source all our chargers and electrical materials from reputable manufacturers. Whether it’s a Tesla Wall Charger or circuit breakers, you can be assured of the quality and durability of the products we install.

Safety First

Safety is our paramount concern. Our installations are compliant with all local and national electrical codes, ensuring that your home and your vehicle’s charging system are secure.

Straightforward Pricing

At Asbury Electric, we believe that pricing should be simple and transparent. With our straightforward pricing model, you won’t find any hidden charges or last-minute fees. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for, upfront.

Custom Solutions

Every home is different, and so are your electrical needs. We offer customized solutions to suit your specific requirements, be it for EV Charger Installation or New Circuit Installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does EV Charger Installation Take?

The time required for installation can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the electrical system and the type of charger. Generally, installations are completed within a few hours.

What Permits are Required for New Circuit Installation?

Electrical work often requires permits and inspections. Our team takes care of all necessary permits and ensures that the installation is up to code.

Can I Install Multiple EV Chargers?

Yes, if your electrical system can handle the load, we can install multiple EV chargers. This may also necessitate the installation of a new circuit to manage the increased electrical requirements.

How Often Should Electrical Circuits be Checked?

It is advisable to have your electrical system, including any new circuits, checked every few years or whenever you notice irregularities such as frequent circuit breaker trips or flickering lights.

Choose Asbury Electric for Your Electrical Needs in Hampton, VA

Your home’s electrical system is a vital part of your daily life, and at Asbury Electric, we take that seriously. When it comes to EV Charger and New Circuit Installation, our team offers unparalleled expertise and service.

You don’t have to compromise when choosing a service that provides exceptional quality and peace of mind. At Asbury Electric, we believe in doing the job right the first time, backed by our commitment to straightforward pricing and customer satisfaction.

Make the smart choice for your Hampton, VA home. Choose Asbury Electric, where quality, safety, and affordability are part of every service we offer. Our experts are ready to make your home more functional, convenient, and future-ready. Trust us to provide the electrical solutions you need.

Join The Safety & Savings Club

For the best protection for your home, sign up for the Asbury Safety & Savings Plan. With the plan, you’ll receive a thorough inspection of your home’s electrical system every 11 months. Like with any of our service plans, you’ll also receive a 15% discount on all services, an extended repair warranty, and exclusive specials.

You could also benefit from our Asbury Generator Service Plan. This plan is the best way to handle your standby generator maintenance. It includes two visits, the first for a comprehensive tune-up and oil change and the second for a full operational and safety check, along with battery servicing.

These two plans can be combined for even more savings. Just reach out to Asbury Electric to join the club today.

Financing Options in Hampton, VA

Is it time for your next major electrical project, but you don’t quite have the savings you need? Asbury Electric partners with several financial institutions and financing providers to make it easy for our customers to complete their projects sooner. You could be upgrading your home’s electrical system sooner than you think!

Our Specialities

It’s no secret to existing Asbury Electric customers that our professionals are well-versed across the board for all things electrical. However, we not only specialize, we prioritize for you, and your home the following:


Every part of our business is specially handled to be as safe for our customers as possible, whether we are using ‘all rights reserved’ techniques or fixing a single wire.

Whole-Home Generator Repair

instead of driving to a new business in Virginia Beach just to replace a generator that is dying on you, our technicians can repair it back to full strength or sell you a replacement directly.

Consistent Electrical Repairs

you might know the cost to replace an electrical panel, but our electricians can carry out almost any kind of electrical repairs to get your home back to a safe, reliable state.

Professional Electricians Near Hampton, VA

Asbury Electric is the reliable choice for all of your electrical services in Hampton, VA, and the surrounding areas. We provide services throughout Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Suffolk, White Stone, and more. 

Contact us today for quality electrical work from our trusted electricians.

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