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Electricity, however essential it is for modern homes, can also be dangerous. When you have an electrical problem, you should always have licensed electricians undertake the repairs rather than trusting your DIY skills for such a crucial and dangerous task. At Asbury Electric, we are proud to offer expert electrical services to homes in the Smithfield area. We care about each of our customers and we do everything we can to provide these services at an affordable price. 

Emergency Electrician Services in Smithfield

One of the most important services that we offer to customers in the Smithfield area is emergency electrician services. We understand that some of the most concerning problems happen after regular business hours and that it can be dangerous to wait until Monday morning to call an electrician. If you notice a burning smell near your outlets or electrical panel, see sparks, hear crackling or popping sounds, or your electricity is not working, you should call a 24-hour electrician right away. 

It is important to prepare for what to do in case of an electrical fire or another emergency. Electrical fires are exacerbated by water, so never use water to put it out. If it is safe to do so, turn off your electricity and use a fire extinguisher instead to put out any open flames. In a true emergency such as this, call 911 as soon as everyone is out of the building. Your next call should be to Asbury Electric. Our electricians will be on the scene quickly to make sure it is safe for your family and emergency responders. 

Electrical Maintenance and Repair

Thankfully, most electrical repairs are not an emergency, but they should always be taken care of before they become more dangerous. You should have your electrical panel wiring and other parts of your electrical system inspected regularly to make sure they are safe for your family. While the time and money spent on regular electrical maintenance may seem like a lot, the cost to replace an electrical panel or have your home checked for loose connections will always be less than the cost of a fire or injury. 

We have been in the business for many years, and there is no electrical problem that we cannot fix. Call us for broken outlets, light fixture repair, landscaping lighting repair, electrical panel repair, and much more. At Asbury Electric we are always on time and we always give you an accurate and detailed estimate before beginning any work. 

Electrical Installations and Upgrades

Improving your home can be an arduous task, but it can also be fulfilling when you work with professionals who care about you and your project. We love upgrading homes through fuse box replacement, lighting installation, outlet upgrades, and more. 

If it is time to replace an electric panel, you can rely on our team at Asbury Electric to help you every step of the way. We will help you determine if you need a panel upgrade or simply a replacement, and we will be there to answer any questions. Our circuit breaker installation process is designed to be easy and stress-free for our Smithfield customers. Also, when you join our Electrical Safety and Savings Plan, you will receive a lifetime warranty on your installation. 

Generator Sales, Installation, and Repairs

Generator maintenance is one of the most important aspects of generator ownership. A generator is of no use to anyone if it is broken or will not turn on when it is needed. Our job is to ensure that your generator is ready to work at a moment’s notice by offering generator maintenance services in the Smithfield area. Homeowners should test their generators frequently and call for a generator repair as soon as anything seems wrong. 

At Asbury Electric, we are fortunate to have the very best in generator installation and repair on our team. As the previous Chief Maintenance Technician for the Coast Guard, Fred has the expertise needed to help families find the right whole-home generator solution for their home. Best of all, we offer interest-free financing so that you can protect your home today without worrying about the upfront cost. Call us to find a generator for sale or to schedule a maintenance appointment. 

We are excited to help Smithfield families with their electrical installations and repairs. With our experience and our compassionate customer service, we are the best choice for electrical services in the area. Call us to subscribe to our Electrical Safety and Savings Plan or to schedule an appointment today.

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