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The quaint little town of White Stone, VA, is known for its strong sense of community and friendly residents. Asbury Electric is proud to offer our services to the citizens of White Stone. We understand the importance of providing a hospitable and prompt customer service experience when electrical issues arise.

While many home projects can be fun to DIY, electrical is not one of them. Mishandling electrical repairs can result in costly and even dangerous outcomes. That is why you need a licensed electrical contractor on your side, the professional team at Asbury Electric.

We offer a full array of residential and commercial electrical services. We can install wiring on new construction buildings or upgrade your old, outdated electrical panel. Our experienced team can handle small projects, as well. Whether you simply need new lighting to change the tone of a room or want to add a few extra outlets, our team is up to the task.  

Leave Electrical Work to Your Nearby Electricians

Keeping your home’s electrical system working safely and reliably takes specialized skill and experience. You should not take the risk of going with amateur repairs and installations, which can potentially cause issues down the line. For results that you can depend on, choose the professional team at Asbury Electric.

Electrical Installations and Upgrades in White Stone

We are able to provide full-scale electrical installations and upgrades. Our prompt service will ensure that your newly built home or place of business stays on pace to get finished as scheduled.

Before starting any project, one of our licensed electricians will meet with you to plan out your install. This will allow us to outfit your building to meet your electrical needs.

We also handle whole-home upgrades. While the electrical wiring in your home will last for decades, it may eventually need to be replaced. When that time comes, we can provide you with a great price on full rewiring services.

If you have recently purchased an older home, it is a good idea to have a licensed electrician inspect your current system. Even if your wiring is in good working order, it may not be able to keep up with the energy demands of modern electrical appliances. 

Here are some of the signs that your electrical system may need an upgrade:

  • Frequently thrown breakers
  • Outlets that do not work
  • Lights that flicker or blow bulbs often
  • Burn marks or other concerning discolorations around wall outlets
  • An electrical panel without any open or available breakers

A new electrical panel or wiring can eliminate these frustrating and potentially dangerous issues. We can help to make your home safer and improve its electrical output capabilities.

Stunning Lighting Installation

Asbury Electric provides a comprehensive range of lighting services, including all of your installation needs and reliable repairs. We handle both indoor and outdoor lighting, so we’re your one-stop-shop for any essential lighting assistance. If you want the perfect lighting options for your home, you can go with the experienced team at Asbury Electric.

Our selection of landscape lighting offers a wide variety of options to update outdoor living spaces. From your patio to your pathways, we have unique fixtures that will maximize the usefulness and appeal of your property. Whether you’re looking to just relax or to entertain guests, lighting is a great way to achieve the perfect ambiance.

That goes for your indoor lighting as well. Our professional electrical installations can provide you with a diverse range of modern choices. Your new lighting won’t just be stylish but will also be carefully designed to meet the practical needs you have in your kitchen and other rooms.

Our skilled electricians handle all types of installations and can outfit your living room with a new ceiling fan and other lighting features. With the latest efficient ceiling fan models, you can update your style and save on your heating and cooling bills simultaneously.

In addition to our reliable installations, we handle all types of lighting repairs. Stuck with flickering lights or faulty switches? We can fix it right away so you can get on with your life. Our electricians can also replace light ballasts for fluorescent lighting to ensure proper compatibility and safety.

Modern Electrical Safety Features for Your Home

Safety is the most important thing when it comes to any electrical installation or repair. Our team has the required knowledge and experience to ensure all electrical work meets the highest safety standards. 

Many homes have older outlets that don’t meet today’s codes for new construction. If you still have ungrounded outlets or regular outlets in your kitchen or bathroom, you aren’t staying as safe as you could be. Our electricians can install GFCI outlets to provide the highest level of protection.

Your electrical panel is another area that might be outdated. We provide electrical panel upgrades to meet the latest safety standards and improve your home’s capacity. An electrical panel upgrade with AFCI breakers can reduce risk in your home.

When you need a nearby electrician to verify the safety of your home, consider Asbury Electric. Our skilled team provides inspections for home sales and safety concerns. If you can’t remember when your last electrical inspection was, chances are you’re due for one.

In some cases, your home may be in need of rewiring. Our electricians can take care of that, ensuring that your home’s system is safe and capable of meeting your electrical demand.

Lighting and Outlets

When we say that Asbury Electric does it all, we mean it. Our team can help you to modernize your home’s lighting fixtures and outlets. We also complete odd-job electrical projects, such as connecting the electrical system of your new hot tub to your home’s existing panel.

Generator Sales and Service

As a homeowner, power outages are one of the most irritating utility failures that you can encounter. A prolonged outage can leave you dealing with uncomfortable temperatures in your home. You can also lose hundreds of dollars due to spoiled foods. 

Asbury Electric can help with this, too. We provide generator sales and service. One of our experienced generator technicians will come to your home and help you to find the right unit for your electrical demands. We install only the best brands and provide ongoing service to keep your generator working at its best.

Generators are integrated into your home’s electrical system and can automatically take over in the event of an outage. When power is restored, they will cycle back off and be ready for the next time that you need them. We can install either a natural gas or propane-powered generator, based on your preferences and available fuel sources.

We understand that purchasing a home generator is a big investment. However, we also want your family to have the services that they need in the event of an emergency. That is why we offer 18-month same-as-cash financing on our generators.

Our annual and bi-annual service plans are affordable and designed to work around your schedule. When our technician arrives, they will conduct a loaded exercise that simulates a power outage and check to see if your generator performs as it was designed to do. Our service also includes a full safety and operations check, as well as routine maintenance.

Improving Your Home’s Security and More

Asbury Electric installs a wide variety of smart home technology that can update your home with many modern benefits. This includes the latest Nest doorbells, which capture security footage and can alert you of any visitors while you’re out.

To keep your home even safer, you can rely on Asbury Electric for professional security lighting installation. Our full range of security lighting includes motion-sensing lights, floodlights, and more. You can keep unwanted visitors away from your home at night, whether that means potential intruders or disruptive wildlife.

You can also take this opportunity to update the essential safety features inside your home. Our carbon monoxide detector installations are a must-have for any home with gas heating or appliances. We also offer smoke detector installation to ensure that you and your family are safe and that your home is up to local fire codes.

Additional Electrical Upgrades

With a full range of electrical installation options, Asbury Electric brings you many opportunities to improve the safety and reliability of your home’s electrical system. You can choose to upgrade your outlets and switches with the latest features, including WiFi smart switches.

Are you struggling with frequently tripped breakers or considering a major new appliance or home remodel in the near future? You may need an electrical panel upgrade to ensure a safe and reliable power supply. Skilled electricians can modernize your system and even add options like whole-home surge protection.

Our team installs fast EV charging stations so you can use your electric vehicle more often by simply charging overnight. These dedicated chargers deliver significantly faster charging, which is a must-have for any electric vehicle owner. We also ensure that your electrical panel is properly outfitted for the extra demand.

Above-Ground Pool Electrical Packages

If you’re about to have a new above-ground pool installed or already have a pool that hasn’t been equipped with the proper electrical safety features, Asbury Electric is here for you with comprehensive above-ground pool electrical packages.

Electrical safety is incredibly important around any water, so it’s crucial to have your pool’s electrical components installed properly. The licensed electricians at Asbury Electric will do everything necessary to ensure that your pool is safe, giving you the peace of mind you need.

We carry out the required sub-panel installation for your pool’s pump, heating, and lighting. Our team can also upgrade outdoor outlets in the vicinity to safer GFCI outlets. Finally, we install the professional grounding that’s needed to keep you and your family safe from electrical shocks while enjoying your pool.

Sign Up for the Asbury Safety and Savings Plan

Are you looking to get the most benefit for your home’s electrical system and a little more peace of mind? The Asbury Safety & Savings Plan provides you with everything you need to do so, with an electrical inspection every 11 months. The plan also gives you exclusive deals and a 15% discount on services from the trusted nearby electricians at Ashbury Electric.

If you have a standby generator in your home, you can get even more value with the Asbury Generator Service Plan. This covers all of your maintenance needs with two separate service visits. The first is for your tune-up and oil change, and another includes battery servicing and complete safety and operational check.

Reach out to Asbury Electric today to get started with either of our cost-saving and convenient plans. You can even combine the two together to get the highest level of value for your home’s electrical system.

Financing Options in White Stone, VA

Major electrical installations can be a significant expense but are often needed quickly to maintain the safety and integrity of your home. 

We understand that this can be difficult for some customers, so we work with a range of financing providers to give you more options. You may be able to get your next electrical installation from Asbury Electric sooner than expected.

24-Hour Emergency Electricians in White Stone

At Asbury Electric, our customers are our number one priority. That is why we also offer 24-hour emergency electrician services. Whether you experience an unexplained outage or suffer from equipment damage as the result of a storm, our team will be there to help.

When you contact our professionals, we will get a licensed electrician to your home or business as soon as possible. We can repair damaged equipment and restore power efficiently. Our technician will also ensure that your electrical system is safe for you and your family.

The Premier Electricians Near Me in White Stone, VA

Asbury Electric provides our valued customers here in White Stone, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Suffolk, and our surrounding areas with quality work delivered by licensed and experienced electricians. Just know that you can connect with one of our friendly representatives to discuss any electrical installation, repair, or upgrade needs you may have. And we hope that you do!

When you need qualified electrical services at an affordable price, Asbury Electric can help. We have the experience and resources to handle all of your electrical needs.

We are a community-based electrical contracting company that has built a reputation in White Stone for providing trustworthy, quality services to residents and business owners. How can we help you, today?

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