Electrician in Toano, Virginia

When you need electrical repair, replacement, or installation, you can count on Asbury Electric to provide you with excellent work and reliable service. Electrical issues are frustrating, no matter how big or small. Sometimes small problems can be a symptom of a larger issue within your electrical system.

Toano residents need reliable electricity to run their households effectively. The use of lighting, appliances, and even temperature controls can be negatively affected by a spotty electrical system. If you are ready to address your electrical concerns, our licensed electricians are available to solve and repair whatever is ailing your system. Keep your electrical running smoothly with help from Asbury.

Electrical Repair Services

Electrical repairs are one of the more complicated home maintenance projects. Our professional electricians train to safely inspect, diagnose, and repair the electricity in your home using the proper equipment and latest building code requirements. Whether you have an electrical emergency or a minor electrical inconvenience, let our trained electricians properly handle your home’s repair needs.

Panels and Boxes

You shouldn’t have to be fixing the flipped breakers in your box consistently. If this is an issue, or you have performed circuit breaker installation on several of the switches over time, it may be time to completely replace your panel. Our professionals can inspect your electrical panel wiring and let you know if it is time to replace your panel. Generally, homeowners should replace an electric panel every 30 to 40 years to adequately supply their homes with enough power for their ever-increasing needs.

Your older home may still be operating with a fuse box. In many cases, these are outdated and are inadequate for today’s power needs. Call us about a fuse box replacement if yours is no longer keeping up with your household requirements.

Although replacements aren’t always cheap, the cost to replace an electrical panel is often worth the headache and safety risk an old panel carries with it. Since all of your home’s electrical power runs through this box, it is crucial to stay up on repairs and update this box as your power needs change over the years.

Emergency Electrical Services

Sparks, fires, and unexplained power outages are all reasons to call an emergency electrician. You shouldn’t be afraid to use your electrical, but sometimes a surprise shock or a brief electrical fire can be enough to cease operation until the issue is resolved. With our 24-hour electrician services, you can receive prompt emergency services and get back to enjoying safe and sound electrical as soon as possible.

Electrical Installations and Upgrades

Have your next electrical installation or upgrade done right with Asbury professionals. We are ready to tackle your next electrical project, whether it is for a new home build, a bonus room addition, or a home upgrade.

Outlets and Switch Installation

Two-pronged outlets pose a danger to your family and home. If you haven’t already made the switch to safer three-pronged outlets, now is the time with Asbury. We can also help upgrade bathroom outlets to GCFI models, install USB port outlets throughout your home, and upgrade your outlets and switches with smart technology. Bring your home into the modern age with these upgrades today.

Lighting Fixture Installation

Before installing your next lighting fixture or fan, allow our trained experts first to inspect the space and ensure proper physical and electrical support is in place for this upgrade. Meet your local building codes and enjoy a safe and secure installation with the work from Asbury professionals.

Electrical Rewiring

More and more homes replace their old aluminum or knob and tube wiring for safer and more modern wires. Whether you need a total home rewiring or simply need a small section of damaged wiring replaced, our experts can complete the job with the utmost care and attention.

How Backup Generators Can Benefit Homes and Businesses

When storms are raging, a backup generator can be of great benefit to Toano businesses and residents. A threatened power supply can mean lost profits for businesses and uncomfortable living conditions for a homeowner. Avoid these situations with a whole home generator. Our experts can help point you to the best generator for sale for your unique needs and expertly install it so it is ready to go for when you need it.

Backup power is only useful if your generator is in working condition. Keep up on your generator repair and maintenance with the help of Asbury professionals. Regular inspections can help you know when you need to service your generator so it is ready for the next big storm.

Electrical Professionals in Toano, VA

At Asbury Electric, we show our commitment to our customers through quality work and honest prices. When you are in need of an electrician, we understand that you may not be able to wait on repair work until the next business day. With our emergency services and same-day appointments, you can have your electrical serviced promptly. We want to leave you satisfied with any installation or repair work we perform on your electrical. Searching for an “electrician near me” today? Contact Asbury Electric!

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