Electrical Outlet Installation

Everyone knows what an electrical outlet is, but you must consider several things before scheduling an electrical outlet installation. Outlet type, location, and load capacity are the main factors.

Only licensed electricians should install outlets in your home. Incorrectly installing an outlet can cause a fire within the walls or overpower the electric box.

If you live in Gloucester, VA, contact an Asbury Electric professional to inspect your electrical system and perform the electrical outlet installation. All work is 100% guaranteed and done right the first time.

Why You Need an Electrical Outlet Installation

Electrical outlets are the source of power in your home. Some are required by law, while others are placed for convenience or entertainment.

Replace outlets if they are damaged. If they are physically damaged一not set into the wall properly一or warm to the touch, they need to be replaced.

Add outlets to reduce the use of extension cords throughout the home. Extension cords are tripping hazards. They also provide another route for current to go if something goes wrong. Accidently tripping on an extension cord, placing furniture on top of it, or finding out your pet has decided to use it as a chew toy are potentially dangerous scenarios. There is a reason wiring is hidden inside the walls.

Add outlets to install newer, safer outlets, or add higher-tech outlets for convenience.

Electrical Outlet Types

There are several different types of outlets, and it’s important to install the correct one. Some are required based on their location, but you also want the one that meets your needs. Here is a list of outlets to discuss with your Asbury Electric technician.

15-amp Duplex Receptacle

These outlets are the most common you find in households. All outlets should be a three-prong design to protect you and your appliances from harm. The third prong is a ground connector that drives excess electricity away from you or your device if a short occurs. Also, many modern appliances, gadgets, and fixtures may not work in a two-prong outlet.

20-amp Outlet

This is a good outlet for devices requiring a bit more power.

220-volt Outlet

These outlets are for your stove. Stoves require more power to heat up quickly and maintain the heat for cooking.

4-prong Outlet

Dryers must not use four-prong outlets. The three-prong outlet was a faulty design combining the ground and neutral wires into a single prong, allowing current to follow the ground wire mistakenly.

GFCI Outlet

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interceptor) outlets protect against electric shock against people and appliances. They monitor the current flowing through a circuit, and if there is a spike or loss of power, they stop the current to alleviate or minimize damage. GFCIs account for a nearly 70% drop in electrocutions in the home. GFCI installations are required in the following areas:

  • Outdoors
  • Bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Unfinished basements
  • Crawlspaces
  • Kitchens

GFCI outlets are required anywhere there’s a chance for contact with water or the ground. Do you have a hot tub? Utility sink in the laundry room or shop? A GFCI installation is required.

AFCI Outlet

The AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) is another safety outlet similar to the GFCI. However, it protects the home against arc faults in the wiring. In other words, it prevents wiring from arcing in the walls and starting a fire.

Switch Outlet

This outlet has a regular outlet and an outlet that will turn on and off when you flip a switch. It has a reset button, but don’t confuse it for a GFCI outlet.

Tamper Resistant Receptacle

These are now standard in new homes. They don’t fit with anything except a properly-rated plug. Their primary purpose is to stop children from inserting objects into outlets.

USB Outlet

These come in different sizes but usually contain two regular outlets and two USB ports to charge cell phones or other devices.

Smart Outlet

Your smartphone controls these outlets. You can turn them on and off from your phone before you come home at night or anytime you want to activate a device when you are not home. It requires a smart hub to work.


Deciding on the location of an electric outlet installation can be difficult. Of course, replacing a current outlet doesn’t require much thought, but what about adding new outlets? Many older homes only have one or two outlets in a room, which is not nearly enough in today’s technological-driven home.

You can install outlets on the floor to help with furniture placement, in the ceilings for light fixtures, and hidden inside permanent cabinetry. You should plan the location and number of outlets you’ll use in advance.

The experts at Asbury Electric can help you design the perfect lighting and electric atmosphere for your Gloucester, VA, home.

Load Capacity

Load capacity is the number of amps flowing into your home. These amps are then divided among your various appliances, entertainment consoles, and lighting. New homes range between 200-amp and 400-amp service depending on the size and needs of the home. Old houses may only have 30-amp service, while homes built after 1960 generally are equipped with 100-amp service.

Every electrical outlet installation in your home provides the potential for more draw on your electrical system. Too much draw will cause lights to flicker and devices to not work at full capacity.

A qualified electrician from Asbury electric can help you determine your current capacity load and how much strain you currently have on the system. When determining the load capacity, consider your needs for the future. If you plan to take up woodworking or having more children, then it may be an excellent time to upgrade your capacity now.

How to Find a Trusted Electrician Near Me

Call Asbury Electric if you’re looking for a trusted electrician in Gloucester, VA. We serve all three Virginia Peninsulas, offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work. And to go one further, if we can’t fix your problem, you don’t pay.

Whether you need GFCI installation services, upgrades, or a full electrical inspection, our expert staff is ready to help. We are locally owned, and all of our technicians are insured and licensed. We offer up-front pricing, same-day service, and guaranteed on-time service.

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