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Electric cars are the wave of the future. At one point, it seemed they were only accessible by a certain demographic. However, in recent years, consumer prices have made these vehicles much more affordable. Many Americans are now choosing electrically powered vehicles for a number of reasons, including their environmental benefits.

Of course, electric cars are different from traditional cars, which can be refueled just about anywhere. What about their electric counterparts?

If you drive an electric vehicle in Gloucester, VA, you probably know where all the charging stations are. These stations are much less common than traditional car filling stations, which can make charging your electric car rather inconvenient.

Save yourself the hassle and call the experienced team at Asbury Electric to get electric vehicle charger installation for your home. We can custom tailor our solutions to fit your space, your vehicle, and your budget.

The Convenience of EV Charger Installation

Most manufacturers recommend you charge your car’s battery every four days. But as we already pointed out, keeping an electric car properly “fueled” isn’t always easy. Even if your car has a built-in feature that helps you find local charging stations in your area, it takes hours to fully charge an electric car. Who wants to spend a big chunk of the day waiting for their car to “fill up”?

Most people do not. That’s one reason you should consider EV charger installation for your home. Home EV charger installation means you can charge your car on your time and at your convenience.

The Flexibility of Your Own Charger

Today’s home charging stations have a variety of very helpful features. First of all, you can set a charging schedule to reduce the cost of charging at home. Some stations also have Wi-Fi capability. This allows you to control and monitor your station’s charging cycle from inside the house.

Some manufacturers even offer an app that keeps track of your vehicle’s charging history, manages a charging schedule, and even allows you to set reminders. With all of these features, you’ll never have to worry about your battery running out.

Take Your EV Charger When You Move

Your EV charger can travel with you if you ever sell your home. This is especially true for smaller units that simply plug into your home’s 240-volt power lines. Your unit can be easily removed and reinstalled in your new location.

Affordable Charging Options

Some homeowners worry that charging an electric vehicle at home will affect their monthly utility bills. To some extent, this is unavoidable. But with today’s state-of-the-art charging units, homeowners can program a charging schedule that charges their EV during the night or at other off-peak hours when electric companies have a reduced rate.

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation that Fits Your Home

Charging stations come in a variety of types. You’ll have to understand your manufacturer’s specifications to know which type of station you need. Some are small and simple and can connect directly into your existing system through a 240-volt 14-50 outlet. Other charging stations are a bit larger and will need to be hardwired in.

But don’t try to set these up all on your own! EV car charger installation should always be completed by professionals who can perform the job with the utmost safety and skill.

EV Chargers for Multi-Car Homes

Most households have more than one vehicle. If your family owns more than one electric car, there’s a solid chance you can share the same charging unit, assuming that the unit is compatible with both vehicles. If space is an issue, many home charging stations even have longer cables, so you won’t have to fight for space.

EV Charger Installation Can Protect Your Battery

A battery powers electric vehicles, and each battery has specific requirements for maintenance and care. It’s essential to follow these requirements in order to protect your battery.

Our team at Asbury Electric is able to provide consultation to help you decide the charging station that’s ideal for your battery type, which will prevent battery damage and minimize the need for replacement or repair down the line.

Installation Locations

The most convenient place for an EV charger is usually in your garage. A garage will protect your charger from the elements.

Even if you prefer to park your car outside in the driveway, however, many chargers have charging cables as long as 25 feet. If you have no garage, outdoor-rated EV chargers are available and can be installed adjacent to your garage.

When you turn to the team at Asbury Electric, we’ll find a solution that will perfectly meet your charging needs!

Professional Electrician Near Me?

If you’re a resident of Gloucester, VA, look no further than Asbury Electric for your electric vehicle charger installation needs. Our expert team is known for its great customer service and professional excellence. We offer electric vehicle charger consultation and installation that fits your vehicle as well as your home.

When you’re ready to make life with an EV more convenient, contact us. We’ll take charge of all of your charging needs!

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