Above-Ground Pool Electrical Installations

Above-ground pools are a staple of summer fun among homeowners. They’re a fantastic way to improve both the enjoyability and value of your home. Affordability and convenience make above-ground a better option over inground for many homeowners, but that doesn’t mean that your pool installation comes without its own specific requirements.

Asbury Electric can meet your above-ground pool electrical requirements and deliver the highest standards of safety. Our electrical work will meet or exceed current electrical safety standards for reliable pool performance for years to come. Count on our comprehensive above-ground pool electrical package that includes:

  • Dedicated circuit installation with a wall timer for pools up to 15 feet from your home
  • Twist-lock plug installation when needed for certain pumps
  • GFCI protection for your pool
  • Ground ring to provide grounding for your pool
  • Code-compliant bonding
  • All electrical permits and inspections

Ensuring Safety in Above-Ground Pools With Professional Installation

Many examples of electrocution in pools happen due to the use of outside electronics like TVs, computers or anything that plugs into an outlet around the pool. The same result can occur if damaged extension cords are in the area around the pool. Keeping these hazards away from the pool is always the best practice, as is making sure your outdoor outlets all feature GFCI protection.

While many types of faulty electrical installation can cause electrocution, the huge amount of water and the presence of metal framing and fixtures makes it a particular risk for above-ground pools. To avoid this significant risk, you should always go with professionals for installation and service for your pool’s electrical components.

Ensure safe installation of electrical wiring for an above-ground pool with a licensed local electrician. Asbury Electric delivers exceptional safety for your pool by installing a ground ring. This component grounds the pool, directing any excess electrical current toward the ground and away from the water and anyone in it. Conductive pools are attached to the ground ring at four contact points, and non-conductive pools are grounded using a bare copper wire four to six feet below grade.

Additional protection comes from the GFCI protection we install for your pool pump. GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter, and it’s the same type of technology you find in the outlets in your home’s kitchen and bathroom. However, the specialized breakers we install to protect your pool are larger than those found inside your home. Their size accommodates the higher current going to your pool’s electrical components and protects against the greater potential risk.

Apart from the safety aspect, tapping a professional electrical service company like Asbury Electric to install electrical components for above-ground pools offers a series of benefits, such as:

  • High-quality parts and components
  • A complete equipment package
  • An efficient installation process
  • Customized and cost-effective solutions 
  • Guaranteed work with warranty coverage

Completing Your Pool’s Electrical Requirements With Expertise

Asbury Electric’s above-ground pool electrical package will ensure that all of your pool’s requirements are met in terms of electrical safety, codes and reliability. Our experienced local electricians will carefully install the essential components that go into making your above-ground pool run smoothly.

Compliance Phase

Aside from the building permit for the construction of your above-ground pool, Virginia building codes also require a specific permit for your pool’s electrical components. The team at Asbury Electric will handle this permitting process for you so that you can simply enjoy your new pool instead of worrying about these professional details.

To obtain an electrical permit, your existing electrical panel and other components also need to be within code compliance. If they currently aren’t in compliance, our experienced electricians can provide any required rewiring and upgrades to bring your home’s electrical system up to code and ensure the highest standard of electrical safety.

Installation Process

In order to provide the necessary power supply to your pool, we’ll install a 20-amp circuit that can serve a pool up to 15 feet away from your home. This new circuit will provide dedicated power to your pool and have its own breaker in your home’s electrical panel.

Our team also provides electrical panel upgrades if your home’s current electrical capacity isn’t able to accommodate this new installation. Your panel could also be lacking key safety features like AFCI breakers if you haven’t had any upgrades over the past decade.

Your new pool circuit will also feature a wall timer that makes it easy to manage your pool equipment. The timer can be used to run your equipment during the day when you need heating and filtration and turned off at night to save energy and avoid the sometimes distracting noise that pool pumps can make.

Inspection Stage

Once we’ve installed your pool’s electrical components and safety features, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that everything is up to the relevant codes. The Residential Code includes a wide range of specific requirements for wiring, bonding and grounding. We ensure that everything meets these requirements to keep you safe and avoid any issues down the line.

A lot goes into installing new electrical for an above-ground pool, but you can make it all so much easier by trusting the professionals at Asbury Electric to handle everything. We’ve developed our above-ground pool electrical package to meet all of your needs, providing you with electrical installation for your pool that is safe and meets all regulations.

Outlet Installation and Repair

Asbury Electric provides a variety of outlet repair and installation services that can make your pool and the area around it safer. Included in your above-ground pool electrical package is the installation of a twist-lock plug when needed. These are specialized outlets that are used for some pool pumps and in other contexts like generator hookups.

The twist-lock plug provides a safer outlet in an area with so much water. The plug must be inserted and then twisted to lock in place before the connection is made and electricity can pass through. This prevents the potential danger of electrocution that could come with a conventional plug coming partially unplugged.

We install twist-lock plugs with in-use covers and built-in GFCI protection to make your pool even safer. Our local electricians can also carry out any repairs you need on your twist-lock or other specialized outlets. Don’t try tampering with these unique and unfamiliar electrical components yourself. Leave it to the experts at Asbury Electric.

To better protect your backyard, we can also replace your existing outdoor outlets with GFCI outlets. This is the best practice in any case, as rain and other sources of moisture are always a concern outdoors. Having a pool in your yard means you’ll have water around all of the time, so you want the same kind of protection you see in your kitchen and bathroom outlets.

Above-Ground Pool Electrical Installation Cost

While above-ground pools are typically less expensive than most inground pools, there are financial aspects you still need to consider beforehand. Here are some key elements that influence the overall installation cost:

  • Type: There are various types of above-ground pools, from ones with steel frames to inflatable models. You’ll also find semi-inground pools, which are pricier because of their structure. 
  • Shape: Standard designs like rectangular and oval are much cheaper compared to customized shapes. A more unique structure often requires specialized installation materials. 
  • Size: When determining the installation, you also need to factor in the size. Larger pools generally require more materials and labor, resulting in higher costs. 
  • Materials: The material type also contributes to the pricing. Steel pools are less expensive than other materials like aluminum and resin. There are also hybrid pools with a mix of two main materials, like resin and steel.
  • Labor: Pools with more customization requirements, like decking and electrical work, increase the installation costs. Rely on our expert electricians for cost-effective and safe installation.

Your Dependable, Local Electrician 

At Asbury Electric, we’re a team of professional technicians who work hand in hand to achieve the transformation of your home or commercial property. Our pool electricians come with solid technical expertise and knowledge to ensure a seamless, safe electrical installation. 

Beyond our unmatched quality of work and superior customer service, we offer the following to our customers:

Schedule an Installation Service With the Experts Today

Are you in the process of having a new pool installed or considering doing so in the near future? Reach out to the team at Asbury Electric to discuss your above-ground pool electrical package. Our licensed electricians will ensure that any unique factors regarding your pool or electrical system are taken into account. 

Trust our years of experience to handle all types of electrical installations, repairs and upgrades. Asbury Electric is your local, reliable electrician serving Virginia counties, including Gloucester, New Kent, King and Queen, Lancaster, Middlesex, Mathews, James City and York. We also service Hampton, Newport News and other neighboring cities. 

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