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Googling “electrician near me” in Gloucester, VA, the area will bring up many names, but none have the experience and reliability of Asbury Electric. We’re locally owned and operated and have been considered an A+ Accredited Business by the Better Business Bureau since 2016.

We’ve done wonders for keeping the lights on and power running for houses across Virginia. Read below to find out what we can do for you!

Update Your Electrical Wiring

We use electric power from the moment we wake up to the minute we go to sleep. Most households use it all through the night, too. Needless to say, we’re incredibly dependent on electricity. For this reason, it’s vital that the wiring in your home is not just up to date but also safe.

The life expectancy of household wiring differs depending on the material and how well it is installed. If it’s aluminum, wiring can last roughly 80 years. Copper electrical wiring systems can go for a century. This, of course, doesn’t account for damage accrued over time.

The National Fire Protection Association has shown that electrical wiring issues cause up to 440 deaths and 1250 injuries a year. It’s important to notice faults in your electrical wiring and get them serviced promptly to avoid becoming a statistic. 

Outdated Electrical Wiring

Your wiring may be outdated and could pose a potential fire hazard to your home. Copper wiring has been the norm since the late ’70s. If your house was built before then, there’s a chance it has inadequate, maybe even dangerous wiring.

Aluminum wiring is prone to shrinking and expanding with the change in temperature throughout the year. This can cause overheating with the potential for sparks. Knob-and-tube wiring is also a major problem, as it was designed to hold far less electrical current than what we use today.

We can remodel any outdated wiring system and change it to copper, which is the most dependable option. We could even rewire your house to accommodate a ground conductor for an added level of safety. 

Signs of Faulty Wiring

An easy-to-spot sign of a faulty electrical system is flickering, buzzing, or dimming lights. This isn’t a minor inconvenience that you should learn to tolerate, but a sign of outdated or damaged wiring.

You can also search the outlets in your home to look for other visible signs of damage. This could be wiring chewed by pets and pests or wiring frayed by unskilled handymen. You should also look out for discoloration outside your outlets. Excess released heat may be responsible; discoloration could also be caused by vibrations from frayed wiring in the walls.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it’s vital that you don’t try to handle them by yourself. Electrical problems are dangerous to take on without the proper skills and training. It’s best to make an appointment with Asbury Electric, and we will send one of our technicians to work on your system.

Benefits of Proper Wiring

When your electrical wiring is fully updated, it means you have power flowing through your house at its full potential. Putting in the time to install a well-crafted wiring plan will substantially cut down your household electricity bills and ensure that your appliances are running as efficiently as possible.

It’s also important to update your wiring so it follows the regulations of the Gloucester, VA area, which will change every so often as standards of protection evolve. You can also check the National Electric Code. This model code updates safety standards for outlets and wiring every three years.

Overall, keeping up with the times will limit liability in cases of an incident and allow you the overall comfort of knowing your electrical wiring is safe and secure.

24-Hour Emergency Electrican Service

What if your electrical problem is urgent and can’t wait to be fixed? Sometimes, you don’t have the luxury of standing by until business hours to call for an appointment. That’s why Asbury Electric provides 24/7 emergency services for electrical wiring. Day or night, we can send someone to diagnose your problem.

If you aren’t sure whether you’re experiencing an emergency, still give us a call! We can provide a solid, skilled second opinion on the severity of your issue. In cases of an electrical fire, burning wires, or visible smoke, we’ll let you know if you need to evacuate the home and call emergency services.

Working with Asbury Electric

At Asbury Electric Service, we value integrity, faith, and excellence. That means our technicians work to be honest and better every day. We’ve done electrical work for both residential and commercial spaces. With our breadth of experience, there is almost no electrical wiring issue we can’t manage.

The team at Asbury Electric has done thousands of hours of training and service, which helped us earn a rank on Top Rated Local and Angie’s List Top Recommended, as well as several positive testimonials on various review platforms.

When your power shorts and your lights fail, contacting Asbury Electric Service for your electrical wiring needs is always a bright idea.

Daniel Smith of Asbury Electric in Gloucester

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