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Electricity isn’t something most people think about very often. You flip a switch, and a light comes on. But what happens if the lights don’t come on? Without proper maintenance and inspections, unseen problems can become significant issues that force you to give them attention, time, and money. 

At Asbury Electric, we know those home inspections are an integral part of protecting your property. Even more importantly, they are about protecting your family.

An electrical home inspection consists of a professional technician taking a close look at every part of your home’s electrical systems. During your inspection, an experienced Asbury electrician will use a detailed checklist to examine the systems, wiring, components, electrical panels, and even the appliances that run on electricity to make sure everything is functioning as it should be. 

Using the checklist as a reference, we will make recommendations for upgrades and improvements that are necessary for the safety and security of your home.

When Is An Inspection Necessary?

Most people are aware that inspections are required during new construction. Many times, some issues can be overlooked by installers or even county and city inspectors. There are also electrical inspections needed during home electrical projects or remodels. At Asbury Electric, we are experienced with those electrical inspections and can answer all of your questions to make sure you are confident with your home’s electrical safety and condition.  

The first inspection during electrical projects  is called a “rough-in.” It takes place after the cables, wires, conduit, and electrical boxes are in place, but before the walls are closed in. The second inspection occurs after the construction is complete. This is called the final inspection. A “meter release” inspection is required when a main electrical panel or main power meter is replaced. A trench inspection is required whenever a trench is needed to install electrical circuits. They ensure that the conduit or wire is installed at the proper depths and specifications.

Electrical Maintenance

An electrical inspection or remodel isn’t the only reason for conducting an inspection. A comprehensive look at your home’s electrical systems should be part of your annual maintenance. Just like you get your physical health checked yearly even if you don’t feel sick, your home needs it’s yearly electrical health check-up –  even if you don’t detect any problems.

To make it easier to remember, we suggest scheduling an appointment with one of our licensed professionals at the beginning of every new year.

Aluminum wiring is often found in homes built during the 1970s.  Because this type of wiring contracts and expands more than copper, it is known to cause hazardous loose connections. If your home was built during this era, an annual inspection is recommended. If your 1970s home is not already getting yearly inspections, call Asbury Electric to schedule one as soon as possible.

Annual inspections are especially important for older homes. The aging technology in homes built 40+ years ago doesn’t always provide adequate voltage for modern living. Overtaxed electrical systems can cause major problems in the overall system while also bringing a risk of fire or electrocution. Inspections can uncover hidden problems before they become dangerous.

Reasons to Schedule an Electrical Inspection

Other reasons to schedule an inspection include:

  • Your home is over 20 years old
  • You are adding a large appliance, such as a hot tub
  • You are remodeling
  • Your lights flicker
  • You experience power surges
  • Your significant appliances are over ten years old
  • You are selling or buying a home
  • Your breakers are tripping or hot 

When you’re purchasing a home, don’t assume electrical systems are being checked with the general inspection. Call on one of Asbury Electric’s trained professionals to ensure that the property is getting an in-depth inspection. 

Explicitly checking the electrical system is an advantage to both the buyer and the seller. Our technician’s checklist helps inform the buyer about potential problems, while it also protects the seller from any unwarranted post-sale requests for electrical repairs.  


Whether we’re installing things in new construction or troubleshooting an older system, an inspection is never something to fear. In the case of new construction, if some part of the project has been done incorrectly, an inspection provides an opportunity to fix it. 

What’s In An Electrical Inspection?

Some of the items we look for during an inspection include:

  • An appropriate number of lighting and appliance circuits in each room
  • Heavy use of extension cords or power strips, which indicate a lack of working outlets
  • Correct wattage being used in lighting fixtures
  • Adequate amps for your home’s usage
  • Loose-fitting outlets or not enough outlets
  • Electrical boxes are securely fastened
  • Electrical boxes accommodate wire conductors properly.
  • Checking function of fuse boxes and circuit breakers
  • Assessing surge protection needs

During the consultation, your technician may ask questions about future plans for renovation or major appliance purchases. At Asbury Electric, we encourage our customers to ask questions, too. We consider it to be a part of our job to provide helpful advice and important tips about maintaining electrical systems. 

Your 24/7 Emergency Electrician Near Gloucester

At Asbury Electric, we can help with all your residential electrical needs, including an annual inspection. When you’re searching for “electricians near me” remember that we have a team of local, licensed professionals right here, proudly serving the greater Gloucester area. 

As a full-service company, we are available for emergency repairs, electrical installations, generator installation and maintenance, and more. We guarantee our work and always offer fair, competitive pricing. Call us today if you have questions or concerns about scheduling an inspection.

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