Electrical Outlet Replacement in Gloucester, Virginia

Homeowners with outdated or damaged outlets will need to make sure they’re replaced and working properly before trying to use them. Outlets that are in disrepair may be a risk, as they can lead to a fire or electrocution. Professional electrical outlet replacement can get all of the outlets in the home working again. This not only creates more room for things that need to be plugged in, but helps keep the whole family safe. 

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Never Ignore Outlet Damages

Homeowners in Gloucester, VA, who are worried about any outlets in their home should call for electrical outlet service immediately. Though the issue may seem minor, if outlets aren’t working, it could lead to injuries, fires, or damaged electronics. No matter if it’s a single outlet that isn’t working as expected or the entire system, professional assistance can make sure homeowners, and their homes, are safe from potential risks. 

Signs that Outlet Replacement is Needed

There are a number of signs that an outlet replacement may be needed. Homeowners in Gloucester, VA, should contact one of our electricians immediately if they notice any of the following signs that an outlet is not safe to use.

Outlet Stops Working

If an outlet isn’t working properly, it could be a sign of a bigger issue. Outlets that don’t work can impact other parts of the electric system or could be a sign that more extensive repairs are needed. If all of the outlets in one room stop working, for instance, it could be an indication that the electricity in that room isn’t working correctly and needs repairs immediately. 

Outlets Only Accept Two-Prong Items

In older homes, outlets may be two-prong instead of three-prong. This means they don’t have a ground wire. If they continue to be used, even if they’re in good shape, it could lead to a fire or someone being shocked. It’s better to upgrade the outlets in the home to three-prong ones that have a ground. 

Outlet is Damaged or Cracked

Cracks and other damage on an outlet cover are unsightly. Beyond this, though, they allow dust and other debris to get into the outlet. The cover is simple to replace and inexpensive, so it’s definitely worth doing right away. If the outlet itself is cracked or damaged, have a professional handle the replacement. 

Outlet Feels Hot or is Burnt

If the faceplate feels hot or is melted, or if there are scorch marks on the outlet, stop using it right away. Call for emergency repairs, as this is a warning sign that there may be a much bigger problem at play. This can be an indication that a fire can occur, especially if the outlet has suffered a short circuit. If possible, cut the power to the outlet until an electrician can arrive. 

Outlet Feels Loose

If the outlet feels loose, it may not be installed properly. The outlet may no longer be connected properly, so there could be an electric arc in the walls when something is plugged in, leading to an increased risk of a fire. Stop using the loose outlet and have it replaced right away. 

Plugs Fall Out of Outlet

If the plug falls out of the outlet, it will need to be replaced. This is an annoyance, but it can also be a potential sign that a fire can occur. If the plug does not stay securely in the outlet, it could lead to arcing or cause sparks inside the wall that could lead to a fire. Do not use the outlet until it is replaced. 

Outlet is Smoking or there are Sparks

Smoke or sparks coming from the outlet are a sign that a fire can occur, and it is crucial to act fast to prevent this. Using the breaker box, cut all power to the outlet. Call an electrician immediately to have them inspect and repair or replace the outlet. 

Child-Proofing Electric Outlets

Children are notoriously curious, and younger kids don’t yet have the knowledge of just how dangerous an outlet can be for them. Child-proofing products that plug into the outlet often aren’t a good choice because parents may not remember to plug them back in when they’re done using the outlet. Outlets should be child-proofed no matter where they are in the home, as kids can get into small spaces and mess with outlets the parents may not think are accessible. Have a Gloucester electrician install child-proof outlets. There are numerous options available today that can keep the outlets safe from kids and help protect them from electrocution. 

Outlets can be dangerous if they’re not in good shape and can lead to shocks, the risk of a fire, and other potential issues. If you have any outlets in your home that are not working correctly or that are damaged, it’s time to call an electrician now. One of our electricians in Gloucester, VA, can respond to emergency outlet issues as well as handle any outlet replacements that may be needed to help keep you and your family safe. Call Asbury Electric today for emergency assistance or to schedule outlet replacements to keep the outlets in your home in working condition. 

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