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The lighting in your home not only serves a practical purpose but also enhances and beautifies your home. When your lighting isn’t working properly, it doesn’t just affect the beauty of your home. It can make routine tasks more difficult or dangerous because of poorly lit conditions.

If you are having trouble with any sort of lighting in Gloucester, VA, look no further than Asbury Electric. We have years of experience serving the area and can perform repair work on any kind of home and commercial lighting you have.

Lighting Repair Services

The lights in your home function properly when a series of breakers, wires, switches, and fixtures are all performing as they should. When something goes wrong, you need the professional help of a qualified electrician. 

Certain parts of your home’s electrical system may be difficult to access, and working with electricity can pose a danger to you.

When you call Asbury Electric, our licensed electrical experts can diagnose your issue and safely repair your lights. We can restore the beauty and convenience of your home by ensuring your repairs are done correctly.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting in your home serves to create a clean and modern look. Newer fixtures can produce plenty of light without cluttering your ceiling with hanging fixtures you must have cleaned periodically. In addition, for many, recessed lighting offers a more simple, timeless appeal than any hanging fixtures.

Certain recessed lighting fixtures are only serviceable from the attic and require movement in tight spaces. Depending on the kind of recessed lighting installed in your house, you’ll need the help of an electrician to deal with potential problems that may arise.

Kitchen and Cabinet Lighting

In addition to recessed lighting becoming common in kitchens, more homeowners choose to brighten their workspace with under-cabinet lighting installation. The addition of the above-cabinet lighting can create a dramatic effect as well. You may know that Asbury electric can help you choose and install these lights, but did you know we also repair cabinet lighting?

Because we know the ins and outs of kitchen cabinet lighting, we can diagnose and repair problems when they happen. From shortages in your wiring to faulty breakers, we can find and fix the cabinet lighting issue so you can continue to enjoy your kitchen.

Lighting Control Repair

In today’s smart homes, various lighting controls are becoming increasingly popular. We can install and repair anything from standard light switches to controls that you can operate with your cell phone. Lighting controls that we service include:

  • Single-pole light switches
  • Three- and four-way switches
  • Rotary and sliding dimmer switches
  • Touch light dimmer switches
  • Smart home light switches

If your lights are flickering or not working at all, the problem could be faulty lighting controls. This is no worry for the team at Asbury Electric. We are familiar with how all kinds of light controls work and can have your control issue repaired soon.

Landscape & Outdoor Lighting

Lighting not only serves to enhance the inside of your home but outdoor and landscape lighting can also add interest to your outdoor spaces. Low-voltage landscape lighting can be beneficial in many ways. 

You can use this kind of light to illuminate stairs, porches, and pathways. You can also provide a nice patio ambiance with low-voltage lighting.

Over time, your landscape lighting systems will likely need repair. Although these systems are not usually complicated, it’s to your advantage to allow a qualified local electrician to handle any maintenance or repairs that may be needed. A professional can quickly find the root problems and get them safely repaired.

Outdoor Security & Flood Lighting

Whether your concern is keeping your property safe from would-be thieves or keeping things well lit for your safety as you’re moving around in the dark, outdoor security lighting is a key part of your overall lighting system. Outdoor security lighting systems might include:

  • Floodlights
  • Motion sensor lights
  • Outdoor security lights that include cameras
  • Commercial outdoor lighting
  • Solar-powered security lighting

Certain motion sensor security lights and outdoor security lights with cameras require installation and service by a professional electrician, or the warranty may be void. That’s why it’s important to let a professional deal with any problems. 

Whatever your outdoor lighting repair needs, Asbury Electric will keep you, your family, and your property safe by getting your security lights working as they should.

Why Hire a Professional Electrician?

You may consider yourself a savvy do-it-yourself person, and you may indeed be one! But there are plenty of reasons to leave electrical work to the professionals. 


The most obvious reason to hire a professional electrician is safety for yourself, your family, and your house. The kind of voltage carried by some electrical wires can cause severe injury or even death. You must know how to approach every electrical job with the expertise, training, and equipment to complete the work safely.

In addition, if you do not perform repair work correctly, you could end up with electrical shock and fire hazards.


Many DIYers who try their hand at electrical repair end up calling a professional electrician to complete the work. This is after they’ve already spent time and money trying to fix the problem themselves. 

Oftentimes, they can make the issue more complicated than it would have been if they had just called a licensed electrician in the first place. 

Knowledge of Local Codes

In order to ensure consumer safety, many cities require that all electrical services be done according to local and state codes. If any electrical repair work isn’t done according to these codes, it could cause trouble when you try to sell your home in the future. 

A thorough home inspection may see the amateur electrical work and require it to be fixed by a licensed electrician.

Ability to Troubleshoot

It’s not out of the ordinary for an electrician to find that the problem reported by a homeowner when they set up a repair appointment is part of a much larger issue. A professional electrician has the knowledge and skills to troubleshoot and diagnose your electrical issues, then suggest the best solution.

Education and Certification

Before earning their license, a professional electrician has countless hours of education, on-the-job training, and certification processes. This lengthy process ensures that professional electricians can deliver the kind of work that cannot be guaranteed without that level of experience.

Overall Peace of Mind

If you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the electric system in your home has been repaired safely, hiring a local electrician is the answer. 

Having an expert perform service and repair on your system can even help extend the life of your electric system as a whole and can prevent future problems.

Much of your electrical system is invisible, hidden in walls, ceilings, and even in the floor. Electrical work performed by a licensed electrician is typically guaranteed. This means that the work has been done right, even in the places you can’t see.

Asbury Electric, Your Local Electricians

At Asbury Electric, we specialize in all things electrical. We’ve got years of experience working on jobs of every size. If you’ve got lighting problems in your Gloucester, VA, home, you won’t find any other team that cares more about their clients than we do. We are only happy with the outcome of the job when you are.

If you’ve got lighting repair needs or any other sort of electrical project you need help with, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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