Electrician in Hartfield, Virginia

If you live in Hartfield, VA, you shouldn’t always use the first electrician that you find when browsing the internet. For your electrical repairs and installations, you should choose electricians that have your interests at heart. A good electrician knows how to complete a job without charging an exorbitant fee. The cost to replace an electrical panel or install a light fixture should always be honest, upfront, and reasonable. At Asbury Electric, we think of our customers first, and we have a reputation for quality installations at trustworthy prices.

Electrical Repair in Hartfield

We offer full-service repairs in the Hartfield area and we are constantly striving to stand out in our industry. All it takes from you is a simple call to request a service, and our licensed electricians will take care of everything from there. We make appointments easy by working around your schedule and by offering our services 24/7.

Hartfield homeowners can experience electrical failures or problems in anything from their electrical panel wiring to their outlets. A problem in one area can cause symptoms in another, so it is important to hire an electrician that is experienced in electrical diagnostics. When you call us, we will quickly arrive at your home, find the problem, and can often have it fixed within a few hours if the problem is straightforward.

Electrical Installations and Upgrades

Every month at Asbury Electric we handle projects as small as light fixture installation and as big as fuse box replacement or as extensive as partial to whole-home electrical rewires for homes older than 50 years. With this extensive experience, we have learned that quality electrical installations can make all the difference when it comes to the safety and convenience of the home.

One of our most common projects is an electrical panel upgrade. Some homeowners with lower electrical needs may simply need to replace an electric panel after their old one has reached the end of its life. However, many homes today can benefit greatly from an upgrade to a panel with 100 or more amps. Our circuit breaker installation will ensure that your home has the panel that it needs to handle all of your major appliances and devices. We even include whole-house surge protectors as a standard in our panel replacement packages.

Emergency Electrician Services

Electrical problems can be dangerous which is why we offer our expert services 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We believe our customers should have the assurance of knowing that help is a phone call away when something goes wrong with their electrical system. There is no other 24-hour electrician in the Hartfield area that is as efficient and dedicated as our team at Asbury Electric.

Some emergency electrical problems simply need the help of an emergency electrician, but some problems need other emergency assistance as well. If you notice signs of a fire such as smoke, sparks, or a burning smell, or if someone has been injured from electric shock or burn, always call 911 first. Once this has been done and everyone is safe, it is time to call Asbury Electric.

Generator Sales and Services

Power outages can happen several times per year in the Hartfield area due to storms, ice on power lines, high winds, or car and construction vehicle accidents. Generators are the only way to make sure your home continues to have power until the problem is fixed. If you are looking for a generator for sale, we carry the most reliable models on the market. We can also repair and test your current generator, even if it was not installed by us.

If you have had a nagging thought in the back of your mind that you should have your generator inspected, it is a good idea to listen to this prompting. Simply installing a generator is not always enough to ensure that you have power during the next storm. Yearly generator maintenance is a crucial part of the process. During an inspection, our team will simulate a power outage and observe how your generator functions. If a generator repair is needed, and you approve, we will perform this service as quickly as possible. Even so, if you receive a clean bill of health from our Generac Certified Service Technician, your whole home generator is typically good to go for another year!

High-quality and trustworthy electrical services are not a luxury but a necessity. Faulty wiring or amateur repairs can cause house fires and electrical injury. Your safety is our priority at Asbury Electric and we do everything we can to make sure that homes in the Hartfield area are safe and up to code. If your home needs the help of an experienced electrician, call us today!

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