Recessed Lighting Installation in Gloucester, Virginia

Recessed lighting, also called down lighting, is installed directly into a surface, typically the ceiling. The fixtures are composed of housing, trim, and bulbs, the bulk of which are hidden from view. Once these light fixtures are installed, the only thing people can see is the decorative trim, which can include baffles, reflectors, or shades.

While it’s very common to find recessed lights in new construction, they’re not as common in older homes. A simple switch from hanging fixtures to recessed lighting can make an entire room feel more spacious, modern, and luxurious.

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The Benefits of Recessed Lighting

Homeowners in Gloucester, VA have been making the switch to recessed lighting in droves in the past few years. Each person has a different set of reasons for making the switch, but there are some benefits of a recessed lighting installation that just about everyone can appreciate. They include:

Uninterrupted Visual Space

When a room features hanging lights, the fixtures interrupt the ceiling’s visual space. Instead of seeing a flat plane, viewers see a ceiling broken up into sections, which makes it look smaller. Switching to can lights creates uninterrupted visual space above residents’ and visitors’ heads, which does more than just save that square foot of space taken up by the old hanging light fixture. It also makes the room feel more spacious.

Improved Safety Profile

Parents know that the height of their ceilings won’t protect hanging light fixtures from mischievous children for long. Switching to recessed lighting, on the other hand, can avoid a lot of damage. It’s safe from both mischief and mishaps, so making the switch can help to protect both the property and its residents.

Plenty of Style Choices

The fact that recessed lighting fixtures are known for being more discreet than, say, a huge chandelier, doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of style choices. You can choose from different trim styles, colors, and more depending on how the rest of their rooms are decorated and what effect they are trying to achieve.

Tips for Using Recessed Lighting to Its Full Effect

When you call us to schedule your new lighting installation, it’s worth taking the time to make a few key choices about where the fixtures will be placed and how they’ll be used. Here are just a few best practices that anyone who’s planning to create their own lighting designs should take into account:

Wall Washing Effects

Wall washing is a popular lighting effect that can also make rooms look larger and more luxurious. It involves choosing recessed lighting fixtures with specialized trim that features directional reflectors and light scoops. The trim directs light onto the wall to create an overlapping, ambient light that makes the space look brighter without washing it out.

Highlighting for Design Reasons

Not all homeowners like the wall washing effect that can be created using recessed lighting. Some prefer to use these fixtures to highlight specific works of art, collections, or architectural features, which is also a perfectly valid way to incorporate recessed lighting into an overall lighting design.

Trim Options

The type of trim chosen for a recessed lighting fixture doesn’t just impact whether it matches the rest of the room’s decor. It can also affect the type and amount of light produced. Some of the most common types of trim include:

  • Baffle trim to reduce glare and soften the light in living areas.
  • Reflector trim to direct light downward in rooms with high ceilings.
  • Wall-wash trims with opaque shells that help to direct the light to the sides.
  • Adjustable or Eyeball trim that lets residents change the direction of the light.
  • Lensed trims that protect bulbs and wiring in bathrooms, outdoor installations, or other moisture-prone environments.

Proper Spacing

Whether you want to highlight architectural features or create a wall-washing effect, they need to get the spacing right. The Gloucester lighting installation professionals at Asbury Electric can help with determining the right spacing for a particular application. They typically follow general rules such as spacing the fixtures the same distance apart from each other as they are from the walls and increasing the space between fixtures in higher ceilings.

Homeowners Trust the Professional Electricians at Asbury Electric

Installing recessed lighting fixtures is not a DIY job, even for those that are especially handy. It requires not just cutting a hole in the wall to accommodate the housing, but also determining what kind of fixture will be required depending on the environmental conditions. Electricians often use specialty shallow housings to compensate for thin ceilings, for example, and electrical codes require IC-rated fixtures if there’s insulation hidden behind the surface. Working with one of our trusted electricians in Gloucester is the only way to guarantee that everything goes smoothly, and the finished project is up to code.

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