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You can rely on Asbury Electric to expertly service any of your home’s electrical repairs, installations, and upgrades. Whether affecting a single outlet or the entire system, Downed electricity is as frustrating as it is concerning to Portsmouth homeowners. Sometimes these issues can be warnings of a more significant problem within the system.

Reliable electricity is essential for maintaining the daily flow within your household. When the electricity goes out, appliances, lights, and heat can all be affected. That is why our licensed electricians are ready to service your home’s electrical at a moment’s notice whenever an issue arises. Learn more about how we can keep your electricity running smoothly below.

Electricial Repair Services

Electrical repairs can be complicated. Our trained professionals are ready to safely inspect, diagnose, and repair your electricity using proper tools and while meeting local electrical codes. From minor electrical inconveniences to sudden emergencies, allow our electricians to handle your next electrical repair need properly.

Electrical Boxes and Panel Replacements

If your breakers are repetitively flipping or your appliances are causing too much strain on your panel, a professional repair or circuit breaker installation may do the trick. Your panel directs all power that flows through your home. It is essential to have this in top shape so you can avoid disruptions in household function.

With regular maintenance, a trained professional can check the electrical panel wiring and alert you to any concerns when these show signs of wear and tear. When a panel is too old to support your various electrical needs, the cost of replacing an electrical panel is often worth it. Our technicians can replace an electrical panel in your home with one that better meets today’s appliances and electronics’ power requirements. A typical panel should be replaced every 30 to 40 years to meet modern electrical demands.

Old fuse boxes may no longer be adequate for your home. Call us for fuse box replacement today. We can show you your options when you schedule your consultation.

Emergency Services

You may need emergency electrician services if your electrical creates a spark, fire, or experiences an unexplained outage. When you don’t feel comfortable using your electricity or you are the only one of your neighbors without power, don’t hesitate to contact one of our 24-hour electrician experts.

Electric Installations and Upgrades

Asbury electricians are ready to complete the electrical work for your bonus room addition, new home build, or home updating project. From simply replacing a panel to rewiring your existing home, our trained experts will ensure the job gets done right.

Outlets and Switch Repair

If your home is still operating with two-pronged outlets, continued use of these outdated outlets can be dangerous for you and your family. Replace all the outlets in your home in no time with one of our professionals. From essential three-pronged outlets to GCFI, USB, and smart outlets, our team is prepared to install whatever you choose for your electrical upgrade.

Fixture Installation & Repair

Installing a new fan or lighting fixture may not be as simple as you think. Our experts will thoroughly inspect the space and ensure there is proper physical and electrical support for the fixture placement before any work is done. Enjoy a safe installation that is up to the latest codes by working with Asbury Electrical for your next project.

Old Wiring

Old wiring may no longer be safe for operation in your home. Knob and tube, and aluminum wires can spark electrical fires when they have become worn or interfere with wall insulation. Besides total rewiring jobs, our professionals can also repair smaller damaged sections of your wiring or update wiring to power large equipment and modern technology more efficiently.

Home Generators

Portsmouth homes and businesses can benefit from backup generators when environmental conditions threaten the area’s power supply. Without a whole home generator, you may be stuck powerless for days while electricity is restored to the city. Businesses may lose out on profits while their business is inoperable. When you are in the market for a generator for sale, our experts can help guide you to the right model for your unique needs.

Having a generator is one thing but making sure it is always ready to go is another. The worst time to find out your generator isn’t working is in the middle of an outage. Regular inspections can help you avoid those stressful moments without power when you need it most. If your generator is having problems, call us for generator repair so you can be well-equipped for the next big storm.

Electrical Professionals in Portsmouth, VA

We take great pride in our work at Asbury Electric. Our honest prices and quality work are a testament to our commitment to our customers. With emergency service and same-day appointments, you don’t have to worry about your electrical being down for too long before one of our repairmen shows up to solve the issue. Our goal is to leave you completely satisfied with the installation or repair performed. Contact us today for your next electrical service.

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