Fire Guard Breakers

Why You Need a Fire Guard Breaker In Your Home

Published by Asbury Electric

A Fire Guard breaker, also commonly known as Arc-Fault breakers, is a fairly new technology that many homeowners do not know about. Of all the many different electrical installations that we do, this is one of the most important.

We use the term Fire Guard because it better explains the function and purpose of the Arc Fault breakers. Fire Guard breakers are an important piece of equipment that can prevent fires in your home.

What is an arc fault?

Most people don’t understand what an arc fault really is. An arc fault is when an arc or spark happens between electrical components. It can be a very tiny spark that creates heat and breaks down wire insulation. This wear-down which over time can create a fire. More than 50% of electrical fires today can be avoided by fire-guard breakers. Therefore as home wiring and devices get older, it is even more important to utilize this advanced protection for your homes electrical system.

How does the Fire Guard breaker keep me safe?

Fire Guard breakers send test signals throughout the existing wiring in your home looking for the start of an electrical fire. If it finds an issue, it shuts down the entire circuit BEFORE an electrical fire can start! It will prevent 98% of electrical fires on protected circuits. They have been required in all new homes since the 1999 National Electrical Code. If brand new wiring is required to have fire-guard breakers in a brand new home, shouldn’t older wiring in older homes be protected?

Cost vs. Safety

One question often asked is whether the cost of this relatively new technology is worth the additional safety benefit. However, most experts in the field agree that the Fire Guard breaker has the capability of saving lives. It’s up to each individual home owner to decide if they want to fit their home with Fire Guard breakers, but it’s something we recommend for our customers.

Asbury Electric is committed to keeping people safe. If you need Fire Guard breakers or any other important electrical installations or more information, please let us know. We consider you part of our family and we want to make sure you are protected.

Fore more reading, please visit the Electrical Construction & Maintenance magazine on the topic of Arc Fault breakers.

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