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Why are the Lights in My Home Flickering?

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Flickering lights are an annoyance, but they can be a whole lot more than that, too. What do flickering lights mean? When the lights are flickering, it’s important to get to the bottom of the issue as soon as possible. It could be that there’s a loose bulb that just needs to be fixed, or the Lights Flickering could be a sign of a fire hazard within the home. Expert assistance is recommended for most issues, as this will ensure they are fixed properly and reduce the potential for an electrical fire. 

Loose Light Bulbs Can Lead to Lights Flickering

If it’s a single light bulb that’s flickering, it may just be that the bulb is loose in the socket. If this happens, the power supplied to it is inconsistent, so it will flicker on and off. Turning the light off, waiting for it to cool, and screwing it in properly will likely fix this issue and stop it from flickering. If the socket is loose, it may be the wrong type of bulb, or the fixture may need to be replaced because it’s too worn out. 

Loose Plugs

If the light plugs into the wall, it could be that the plug is not securely in the outlet. This can happen if the prongs are bent, the outlet is loose, or something has bumped into the plug and caused it to come out of the outlet slightly. Try plugging it back in again or fixing the bent plugs. If the outlet is the issue, it may need to be replaced so that anything plugged in will remain that way. It is a good idea to have this fixed as soon as possible because a loose outlet can be a fire risk. 

Dimmer Switches and Bulb Type

If the light is connected to a dimmer switch, it is important to make sure the right type of bulb is used. When any bulb is used, without paying attention to the type, what do flickering lights mean? They could just mean that the wrong type was used and a different light is needed. If the dimmer switch does not work with LED lights, for instance, an LED light will end up flickering if it’s used. It may be necessary to switch out the light bulbs for one that is compatible with the dimmer switch or to have the dimmer switch upgraded to a newer one that can accept more types of light bulbs. 

Circuits Overloaded

Circuits can be overloaded if there are too many things plugged in at the time or if too much power is going through them. This may not be enough for the circuit to trip, but it can be enough to lead to Lights Flickering when something is plugged in or turned on. If this leads to flickering lights in the house regularly, it is important to have an electrician take a look and fix the problem. There are a few solutions available, but professional assistance is needed to make sure it’s done right. 

Electrical Company Issues

Sometimes, house lights flickering is due to the power being supplied to the home. If there is an issue with the electrical company, it could lead to all house lights flickering. In most cases, this will end quickly as the problem is resolved. If the lights keep flickering, though, it’s a good idea to call the electrical company and see if there is a continuing issue on their end. 

Fluctuating Voltages

The voltage inside the home should stay consistent all the time. However, if lights keep flickering, it could be a sign that the voltage is fluctuating. This can be tested using a voltage multimeter, which homeowners can purchase at a local store. It is crucial to follow the instructions when using the multimeter to get accurate readings. If flickering lights in the house occur regularly, it may be a good idea to call a professional to have the voltage checked. This can lead to serious issues, so it is important to have the flickering lights fixed as soon as possible. 

Loose Wiring and Old Wiring

Older wiring can start to become loose over time. Installations that aren’t done properly can also lead to loose lighting. No matter the cause, if the ceiling lights flickering is due to loose wiring, it needs to be fixed quickly. The ceiling lights flickering can be an indication that the wiring is loose and need to be fixed immediately. If this is not fixed, it can lead to arcing as the power tries to travel across breaks in the wiring, which could lead to an electrical fire. If your home has electrical wiring before 1990, it may be a good idea to have an electrician evaluate the system and have a yearly maintenance plan to keep an eye on it. Asbury Electric has a yearly evaluation and maintenance plan that can help protect your home from costly repairs.  Gloucester, VA, homeowners may have to deal with their lights flickering on occasion. While this can often be an easy fix, it could also be a sign that there is something wrong inside the home that could lead to an electrical fire.

If you’re worried about the lights in your home starting to flicker, especially if it happens regularly, contact Asbury Electric today. We offer lighting services in Gloucester, VA, and the surrounding areas, and we can help determine why it’s happening, then do the necessary repairs to stop your lights from flickering anymore.

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