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Just like everything else in your home, electrical outlets have their own trends. These may seem like such a small thing but having a trendy, newer outlet in your home can make it stand out to guests or prospective buyers. Small upgrades that are inexpensive and easy to install can add an edge to your home that will make it seem more modern. There are a lot of upgrades to choose from, and if you aren’t quite sure where you want to begin, starting with something small, like your electrical outlets, is an easy way to get your feet wet. Here are some of the newest home electrical outlet trends.

USB ports

Phones, tablets, headphones, computers, and many other technology pieces all have to be charged to operate. Many cars have already made the upgrade to having USB ports installed in vehicles to conveniently charge things. Why not make that quick upgrade in your own home? If you stop into the electrical section of most hardware stores, you should be able to find USB ports right alongside traditional outlets. They come in a variety of styles, whether it’s multiple USB ports or a mixture of USB ports and traditoinal outlets. Choose the style that will suit your needs by thinking about the location the outlet will be in. You could upgrade all of your outlets to a USB/traditional outlet combo, but if you are looking to save on time and money, focus on the areas where you normally charge things that require a USB port. Generally, people tend to charge their electronics in the places they spend the most time. That would be in bedrooms, in the kitchen, and in the living room. You don’t need to upgrade all of your bedroom outlets to USB ports. Swap out whichever outlets you already use to charge your phone at night. If you have a spouse, then you will probably want to upgrade 2 outlets in your bedroom, but in your child’s room, they may only need one (unless they are really into technology). In the kitchen, you may want to add a few USB ports if that is a hotspot for people to charge their devices. If you hate clutter, create an organized charging shelf so that each device has it’s own space and can be neatly tucked away. The living room may be a bit more complicated because of seating arrangements. Having USB ports near seating areas is definitely a plus when catching up on shows. Another option, depending on the layout of your living room, is to swap out older lamps for newer ones, that have USB ports installed in them. Imagine the convenience of being able to plug right into an outlet, instead of having to carry around a bulky adapter. USB ports are a quick and easy way to upgrade your home without spending a lot of time and money. They are probably one of the easiest home electrical outlet trends.

Pop Outs

Another popular new trend in electrical outlets comes in the form  of “Pop Out Outlets”. These are outlets that can be hidden, but when needed, you simply press down and they pop out of the wall or the counter. A lot of home designers are looking to make things more sleek and streamlined and these pop outs do just that. They are there when you need them, and they disappear when their work is done. This is particularly nice to have in the kitchen. There is nothing like trying to make a big family meal, or do a large amount of baking, and trying to find enough outlets for all the kitchen gadgets. Instead of having to rely on traditional, wall-mounted outlets, you can include a few hidden pop outs, in or under the counter. This would be perfect on an island. Traditionally you would have to choose to have an outlet somewhere on the island, taking away counter space or sitting on one end of the other, just waiting for your toddler to stick a fork in. These new home electrical outlet trends allow you a little more room for visual asthetics. With pop out outlets, you don’t have to sacrifice sleeknees or counter space. They can be tucked safely away until they are needed. A lot of companies even offer cover that match the counter or cabinets to make them even more camouflaged. If you are looking to update your home, it is definitely worthwhile to look into including pop up outlets in the plans. Not only are they convenient, but they also add a bit of a “wow factor” to the space.

Hide Aways

“Hide Away” outlets, or hidden outlets, are traditional outlets that have been installed in a way to make them less visible. This goes along with the trend for sleekness in the home. Some ideas for installation include mounting the outlets under the counter of an island, in the back of a drawer, or behind a movable piece of trim, or behind a faux drawer. If you have outlets in the back of a drawer, it helps control the clutter by creating a space for cell phones, tablets, and hair dryers. Another home electrical outlet trends strategy is to blend the faceplate of the outlet into the background. If you have white trim as the baseboard of a room, install the outlets into the baseboard and use a matching white faceplate to help hide the outlets.

There are many small projects that can be done to upgrade your home, and upgrading your outlets is just one. Whether you choose one of these home electrical outlet trends to go forward with, or if another idea comes to mind, electrical outlets are something that are used a lot. While some projects may seem simple, if you are unsure of where to start, give Asbury Electric a call. We are more than happy to help!

For more information on an easy DIY upgrade to your home, check out how to install USB outlets.


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