electric work moving high tech

Electric Work Moving High Tech

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Technology and electricity have always gone hand in hand, but in the past few years, things have become so intertwined that it is difficult to separate the two. Homes are becoming more automated – we see it in our thermostats, in refrigerators that remind us to buy more eggs, and front doors that can be locked using your cell phone. All of these things require electricity, and electric work moving high tech is becoming the new normal. Ten years ago, homes required an electrician and a computer guy. The electrician did the wiring, and the lights, and made sure your circuits were running properly. The computer person was in charge of installing the software, setting up the internet, and helping you get the WiFi up and running. These days, everything interacts with a computer, and so electricians have evolved to meet the needs of the modern homeowner. Asbury can help you make your home tech with electrical installations and upgrades!

In the past, your home’s electricity was a separate system from the computer, but now you need someone who understands how these two systems have merged and how they interact in a high-tech home. In order to install and maintain these systems, the electrician must know almost as much as the designers. Electrician programs used to be all hands-on work – circuits, wiring, electrical codes. These days, students are required to have a laptop to learn about fiber optics, computer processing, and networking because of electric work moving high tech. It could be said that electricians need to know so much, that they are the most highly trained of “blue collar” occupations.

Younger generations may have a handle on computers, but it takes a lot of training to really understand how the entire system works together. Just knowing about computers, or just knowing about electrical systems is not enough. As electric work moves high-tech, it is important to have someone highly qualified to call. If you are having an issue, or if you are thinking about upgrading your home and making it a little “smarter”, Asbury is here to help.

You may be thinking, why bother going high-tech in your home? A lot of newer office buildings have automation systems that allow lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire alarms, and security alarms to function as one network, each sharing information. This allows the building to run efficiently and give warnings sooner if something is amiss. In 2012 the Rockefeller Foundation did a study which revealed that investing $279 billion in energy-efficient building could save up to $1 trillion in energy over 10 years. These systems are starting to be installed in homes as well, because of their efficiency and because they are so easy to use.

Imagine you are on your way to work, and you can’t remember if you forgot to turn the thermostat down to save some money on your heating bill? There’s an app for that. What if you are stuck in traffic, and your kids are getting off the bus, but they are locked out? There’s an app for that. Not only will electric work moving high tech help you to save money by helping your home to run efficiently, it will add a whole new aspect to running your household, with just a click from your phone.

Asbury Electric is here for you to make the move to a high-tech home. We employ highly-trained individuals who are up to date with the newest, “smartest” technology.Electric work moving high-tech is supposed to make life easier. Don’t stress yourself out by trying to do an update by yourself, or with someone who is less than qualified. If you want the best, call the best. At Asbury Electric, we are here to help providing you with electrical installations and upgrades!

For more information on how electricians are becoming more tech-savvy, check out https://nearsay.com/c/437869/346902/why-an-electrician-s-skills-are-going-high-tech

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