Signs Your Residential Home Office Needs An Electrical Upgrade

5 Key Signs Your Home Office Needs an Electrical Update

Published by Asbury Electric

We’ve all gotten pretty used to spending lots of time in our homes over the past 2 years. Over this time period, you’ve probably started working from home. With a lot of companies allowing employees to work from home permanently you may be considering creating a  home office for yourself. But before you create a home office it’s important to get your home’s electrical inspected. Doing an electrical inspection will allow you to be sure you’re home can handle all the new electrical appliances (i.e computers, speakers, etc.). Getting an electrical update may be necessary so that you (and maybe your family too) can work from home safely! Here are 5 signs your home office may need an electrical update. 

#1 Sparking Outlets

If you find that your outlets are sparking whenever you plug or unplug something then you may have a dangerous situation on your hands. Sometimes you may experience sparking and it’s not a cause for concern but rather just a rapid downshift in power supply. However, if it’s happening almost every time then it may indicate a bigger issue. For example, there may be excessive heat buildup in the outlets which can cause electrical fires. If you’re experiencing this problem it’s best to get a professional out to perform a safety check as soon as possible.

#2 You Have an Old Building 

If your home is older then it’s worth looking into when your last electrical updates were made. Just like anything else, electrical systems should be checked and replaced after long periods of time. Especially if you’re using a LOT of electricity during the workday. Everyday wear and tear alone can be cause for an electrical update after several years. An updated electrical system can also help to save you from unnecessary energy and money waste plus the headache of constant repairs. 

#3 Flickering Lights 

It may seem like a minor electrical problem, but flickering lights can indicate more serious problems. Not to mention they’re incredibly annoying and cause a major distraction for you or your family. Flickering lights may just indicate that a bulb needs replaced. However, if several lights are flickering then a bigger issue may be occurring. For example, it may indicate a failing power source, issues with cable connections, or an overloaded outlet. Save yourself the money and keep your home safe by getting this issue fixed. 

#4 You Smell Burning 

This one may seem obvious but a burning smell is not something you want to inhale throughout the workday (or ever in your home). Typically you’ll either smell burning that is smokey or more ozone-focused. Both are warning signs that something is wrong, but they indicate slightly different problems. A smokey smell can mean that baseboards, walls, or furniture are being burned. An ozone smell indicates that the wires themselves are burned. Either way, these situations can be extremely dangerous and may even lead to an electrical fire. 

#5 Your Tripping the Breaker 

If you are constantly tripping the breaker then that may mean it’s time to upgrade your breaker box or add another one. Having too many things connected to a breaker box can be dangerous and will likely cause your breaker to trip often. These trips can be caused by overloading or shorting the breaker. Simply resetting the breaker when this happens isn’t enough. You should have a professional electrician out to check this problem and recommend the next steps. 

Having a workspace that is safe and ready for you is important. If you’re experiencing any of these electrical warning signs you should call for help as soon as possible. Upgrading the electrical system in your home/home office can be highly beneficial to you and your family! If you have any questions or need help call Asbury Electric!

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